Published by Top Reads Publishing

Self-Belonging (to be published by Top Reads Publishing in 2019) is an educational memoir, which dives deeply into the subject of dependency in relationships—inspired by the author’s personal challenges. As a Clinical Social Worker dedicated to helping others, she found herself repeatedly falling back into destructive habits in her own relationships.

After writing a two-time award-winning book on how to overcome relationship difficulties (Happily Ever After Right Now, published in 2010), and believing she’d finally transcended her propensities, Hull found herself back in an unhealthy partnership she’d intentionally dissolved years earlier. Having a pivotal conversation with a stranger one evening about a term he coined Self-Belonging, inspired her to confront the “raw and rugged mess” of her emotions—a truly wounded healer. After devoting twenty-five years to helping others break through the barriers of mental illness and life-crisis, Hull finally “sat in the seat of her own belonging.” Self-Belonging is the miraculous story of her journey to personal fulfillment and inner peace.  

The book provides break-through, cutting-edge information on how to literally dial-in new pathways in the brain, using a combo platter of science and spirituality—such as neuroplasticity through meditation and mental focus. The author shares her own ventures into (and out of) love, lacing her story with wit and grit as she guides readers through the trenches and shares lifelines along the way.  

Once emancipated from patterns that have kept them stuck, readers are positioned to move into their ultimate thriving range and make their contributions to human expansion—the key, Hull believes, to true happiness, fulfillment, and ultimate freedom. Self-Belonging is a guide to show how to connect with the authentic self and merge into highest destiny.