It was a Soulful Weekend…

It was a Soulful Weekend…
Nov 14, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Thanks to all who participated in the Immersion weekend offered by Jess Jacobsen and me last weekend in Carbondale, Colorado. We did some inner exploration around our soul’s purpose and how to unlock our limitless potential, and it was exhilarating!  The mixture of lecture and practice turned out to be a winning combination that resonated with our lovely gathering of beautiful souls!

For those of you who couldn’t be there, we spent time together reviewing some of our “inner workings,” looking at why and how we get triggered, which hijacks or log-jams our peace and creative potential.  As neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux points out,

“human consciousness is the way it is because of the way our brains operate…emotions evolved not as conscious feelings,...

Taking Back Our Emotional Well Being

Taking Back Our Emotional Well Being
Aug 13, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Last week we continued our discussion on “the power of emotions over happiness” and shared insights from cutting edge scientists, who are merging science and spirituality. Today I’d like to discuss how our conditioning influences our emotions and provide a simple technique on how to begin to make permanent changes in patterns of behavior that cause challenge.

Among those participating in breakthrough studies on the brain (merging science and spirituality), is Dr. Richard Davidson, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin. “Dr. Davidson has unearthed some significant findings regarding how the emotion of happiness can be tracked in the brain. Davidson collaborated with His Holiness the Dalia Lama to study monks, who are experienced practitioners in meditation, having...

Let Go of Forever and Live for Now

Let Go of Forever and Live for Now
May 19, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Let Go of Forever & LIVE FOR NOW
"The only authentic responsibility is toward your own potential, your own intelligence and awareness-and to act accordingly... if you act according to your past, that is reaction... Response is moment to moment. It has nothing to do with memory, it has something to do with your awareness. You see the situation with clarity; you are clean, silent, serene. Out of this serenity, you act spontaneously. It is not reaction, it is action. You have never done it before. And the beauty of it is that it will suite the situation." (Osho, 2003, p.32).

How can we give up our conditioned...

Peace Is the Way

Peace Is the Way
Mar 31, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
The way to peace is to notice that peace is the way (Chopra, 2005). And this way to peace is quite simple, although it can seem otherwise. You do not have to make the experience of accessing peace difficult or tedious. Your consciousness is already ripe for a shift to take place in you -- one where (when complete) you will always be operating from this peace of yours, which has heretofore seemed so cleverly to evade you. How do I know about this ripened state that is unfolding in you? Because you would not be attracted to this material if you weren't ready for change.

Most of us are weary of being chained to the pain and pleasure cycle. Of course we believe...

Happy Holidays with Love, Joy and Peace... Right Now

Happy Holidays with Love, Joy and Peace... Right Now
Dec 23, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
Dear Friends,

Wishing you love, joy and peace right now!

Happy Holidays!




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What You Seek Already Exists

What You Seek Already Exists
Oct 28, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
Spotter (Photo credit: Jay Aremac)

When we focus on and trust our insights and inspirations (which are the voices that guide us to fulfilling our passions and dreams), the urgent need to obtain security in another or outside of us will begin to melt away and eventually disappear. Widows who have learned to become dependent on their husbands, for example, often discover a multitude of inner strength, courage, and wisdom following the death of their spouse. The same is true of women who have broken up with their partners. As they move through the stages of grief, they are frequently astounded by the sense of power and delight that accompanies the process of developing their independence.

Sara made...

The Magic of Majesty

The Magic of Majesty
Oct 13, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
Photo: Hanging Lake, Colorado. Photo Credit: Lisa Jey Davis © 2005 As you diminish your victim thoughts, words, and actions, you will begin to tap into the magic of the Queen/King. Like the heroes/heroines in fairy tales who had to accomplish some seemingly impossible task, you will be able to set aside apparent "real" limits and move steadily to your goals coming from the inspirations of your heart. The Grimm's (fairy tale) girls, for instance, invariably did what they needed to do -- they got a good night's sleep -- and allowed the guidance of their inner wisdom to handle the rest. The internal womb of stillness will always point us to peace. Our only task is to listen and then follow where...

Waking Into Your Life

Waking Into Your Life
Sep 01, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
Talakona Waterfall, Chittoor (Photo credit: VinothChandar)

Waking Into Your Life (Overcoming Our Addiction to Love)

Below is an excerpt from my book, Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating! It is taken from chapter 5: Power: Give Up Your Addiction to Love. This section is titled, Examining Your Fear and Waking Into Your Life.

When your entire identity is invested in shielding and protecting yourself from the indeterminate future, you remain behind the curve of your life. What would it take to drop everything that keeps you bound to the story of fear? Is it possible that, if you let go of all that you think you need to protect yourself from harm's way, that you might eventually emancipate yourself from...

Operating From a Foundation of Power

Operating From a Foundation of Power
Aug 25, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the primal sense, which is still alive and well, man is all about the hunt and the chase. And woman is all about being saved. If her fears take her over the edge and cause her to do the hunting, the subject of her chase will most likely choose to retreat. Instinctively, he does not want to be caught, or to be responsible for saving anything. He wants to be free, and actually, so does she. By reverting to primitive methods for attaining that freedom, the idea of insufficiency, need, and dependency is re-enforced, perpetuating the drama of the Brute and Babe (our ancient ancestors).

It is time to end the pain/pleasure cycle that began centuries...

Step 3 in Overcoming Triggers: Dig Deep

Step 3 in Overcoming Triggers: Dig Deep
Jul 30, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull

Denver (III) Tire Swing (Photo credit: roeyahram)


Continuing in our series "Those Things That Trigger You are a Gift", and Level 1 for handling this new information: "Modify Your Responses,"  here are the first two steps we've covered, along with their links (in case you'd like to review or catch up): :

Step 1: Notice That You've Been Triggered. Stop Before You Speak or Act.

Step 2: Feel What You Are Feeling. Don't Resist.

The purpose of the first step, is to master the skill of NOTICING when you've been triggered, and to stop before you speak or act.  These are vital in the process of unwinding your reactive inclinations.  The second step is to allow yourself...

Step 1 to Overcoming Triggers: Stop Before You Speak or Act

Step 1 to Overcoming Triggers: Stop Before You Speak or Act
Jul 17, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
Breathe (Photo credit: elycefeliz)


In the last Gem, I shared how it’s possible to view those things that trigger you as a gift or an opportunity.  It’s true. Once you realize what triggers you, you can begin to learn the art of stepping back, and taking a breath before you act. This “non action” is the first step to restoring balance and peace. Realize that 95% of the things that send you into the vapors are caused by some thought or memory that is lodged in your subconscious, which means you have no clue what is actually happening in that head of yours—just that a situation in the present has caused you discomfort. And that discomfort is...

Spring Clearing ~ Resurrecting Love, Peace and Hope

Apr 29, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
originally posted on website April 25, 2011

“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open; no gulf that enough love will not bridge; no wall that enough love will not throw down; no sin that enough love will not redeem. It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble, how hopeless the outlook, how muddled the tangle, how great the mistake; a sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world”—Emmet Fox

Dear Friends,

Regardless of your political, religious, or spiritual persuasion, you may agree as you...

Obtaining True Happiness: Letting Go of Attachments & Inexhaustible Desires

Jun 20, 2008 by Luann Robinson Hull

The purpose of our first six weekly gems, (taken directly from the material in Happily Ever After…Right Now) has been to encourage you to continue to explore new ways of framing your thoughts around how to take charge of your life, your relationships, and your state of well being and joy…and to provide a foundation for your ongoing exploration of what it takes to make you truly happy….

Over the next six weeks we will focus directly on the topic of happiness…this mysterious, yet evasive quality that each and every human in existence hopes to experience...on a full time basis. Saint Augustine writes, in The Happy Life, “…the desire for happiness is essential to man [woman]. It is the motivator of...

Happiness, The Brain & Consciousness

Sep 26, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings and welcome to our discussion on Happiness, the Brain, and Consciousness.

Our Happily team has been focusing on the development of Conscious Conversation Circles™ over the past several months. These circles are gatherings of people who come together on a regular basis for the purpose of sharing their individual and combined wisdom to support conscious living - which includes manifesting lives of happiness, health, prosperity, and peace.

Included among the many gifts of these gatherings has been a connection with Julia Desmond, who has been sharing the “Oneness Blessing (deeksha)” with our Aspen circle, as well as providing it to groups of her own. Julia has been through the 21 day process that enables her to transfer this intelligent energy,...

Conscious Conversations

Jul 31, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
We recently completed our third gathering of Conscious Conversations™ in Aspen , Colorado and I am delighted to report that the groups are sprouting in other areas and gaining momentum. What are they: Gatherings of people who meet regularly to support each other in conscious living both practically and philosophically. The Goal: to combine our strengths in achieving an optimal state of personal and collective growth.

The discussions continue to be both thought provoking and inspiring. Among some of the topics mentioned in last week’s Aspen group was a dialogue on how to really make progress with some of the sobering issues currently facing us both individually and globally. The following interpretation of Thomas Hartman's message in The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, was discussed: “If you don’t raise consciousness by...

All Your Past Except Its Beauty is Gone

Apr 24, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
An area of ongoing challenge for me is avoiding the trap of being hung up on the past—things I have done, mistakes I have made—the why-oh why-did-I-do-that routine. Even though I have been on a spiritual path for more years than I can remember, I still occasionally get stuck in the dead-end-shame-game. Why didn’t I pay attention? Why didn’t I stop? Why didn’t I go?

I was recently going through some old files and came across this quote from the Course in Miracles, which for those of you who may not be familiar with the text, has been described as a course in mind training, the foundation for which is embracing love and letting go of fear. I have been studying...

Expecting Great Things

Feb 27, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Several weeks ago, we talked about how our current brains were actually forming during a time of catastrophic conditions on planet earth. And so therefore, we humans have actually been trained for the catastrophe. Scanning for the worst is what has kept us from becoming extinct, and so that method of operating was quite effective during times of immense hardship and crude circumstances.

Now, ironically, the only thing that threatens our extinction is continuing to behave this way. If we keep looking for the worst case scenario and living as though we are separate from our brothers and sisters, as well as the earth that continues to support us, then aren’t we operating out of our fear for survival just like...

Reflections on Peace

Oct 17, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings to my dear friends and family,

Over the past few weeks we have been focusing on the subject of peace and how to create more feelings of harmony, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of everyone we touch. Starting with the week of September 11, 2006, we launched this series of discussions by noticing how we might offer peace to another in some way, every day, making note of any internal conflict, which could interrupt the intent. And then being sure to pay attention on how pivoting toward peace, rather than reacting with some less favorable emotion, could end up serving us every bit as much, if not more than the person, group, etc., for whom...

Choosing Peace Through Forgiveness

Oct 10, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings to my dear family and friends.

Most of us are now familiar with the tragedy that occurred in the Amish township of Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. Sally Kohn recently wrote a thought provoking article (What the Amish are Teaching America) on how the village responded to the violent event, which took the lives of five innocent little girls, leaving others in critical condition. In the piece, Kohn reported that mental health counselors helping families cope were deeply touched by one of the community’s most pressing concerns: How could they help the family of the one, who had perpetrated the unconscionable crimes?

With their genuine desire to choose compassion instead of hatred and revenge, the parish had already begun the process of forgiveness...

Finding Gratitude

Sep 29, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings and welcome to our dialogue on peace.

Last week we talked about the inner wars…or the internal conflict in which we can be tempted to engage when we go against ourselves. We were invited to take a look at how we could stand back and watch those little wars within, rather than participate in them, and then notice how we might be able to bring in more harmonious thoughts, eventually moving back to peace.

One way to shift from what is going wrong (in your mind), to what is going right, is to find a way to have gratitude for something in your life. You could start with being grateful for your ability to see the words or images on this...