On Merging Science and Creationism

Jun 09, 2019 by Luann Robinson Hull

Dear Friends,

Several weeks ago, someone asked me if I’d ever studied atheism.  Over my 25 years of researching human consciousness, science and spiritual growth, I had to say the topic hadn’t crossed my radar.  Apart from having read The Origin, where Dan Brown pits creationism against science, which was interesting (though not convincing) I’ve never had the slightest inclination to explore the subject.

Winter: A Happiness Experiment

Dec 10, 2010 by Luann Robinson Hull
“Happiness does not come automatically. It is not a gift that good fortune bestows upon us and a reversal of fortune takes back. It depends on us alone. One does not become happy overnight, but with patient labor, day after day. Happiness is constructed, and that requires effort and time. In order to become happy, we have to learn how to change ourselves”—Luca and Francesco Cavalli-Sforza

We last connected at the beginning of summer, which seemed to fly by in a blink. And now the mountain landscape outside my window is morphing from the last remnants of glorious amber-gold into a backdrop of white, white, and more white. For some reason I have settled in an alpine environment despite my lifelong...

Learning To Stay

Apr 13, 2008 by Luann Robinson Hull
Jeremy Madden, a columnist from The Aspen Daily News, wrote an interesting article today about our mutual home town, entitled, Dear Mother Earth: I give up.

On April 10, 2008, the temperatures are not supposed to rise above 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It is mid afternoon and as I gaze outside into the mountain landscape, all I see is white, sprinkled with some occasional brown (not from the earth, mind you, but from the trees rooted there, which are supposed to be turning green by now). The sky is white, the ground is white-even my patio with an abandoned looking Weber grill-is white. My faithful and true thermometer, having survived the most brutal winter in my six year history here, threatens to...

Making A Mindset of Success

May 22, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
“The cosmic engine is started but man/woman guides it in his/her own life.”—Jean Houston, Ph.D

“…mind healing is a result of the constructive use of mental law, which the world is gradually beginning to understand. Since we are thinking beings and cannot stop thinking, and since Creative Mind receives our thought and cannot stop creating, It must always be creating something for us. What It will make depends wholly upon what we are thinking, and what we shall attract will depend upon that on which our thoughts dwell.”—Ernest Holmes, Visionary (Science of Mind, 1998, Putnam, pp.294)

I was reminded of some extraordinary examples of the effects of putting our thoughts toward the positive while recently having an inspirational discussion with Travis Greenlee,...

Have Patience - It Will Benefit You

Feb 06, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Ever had a problem exercising patience?

I am reminded of a poem someone once sent me about the budding of a rose and how it could not be forced to blossom for obvious reasons. Last week, I bought a bunch of Star Gazer Lilies, which were just beginning to open. Each day I have seen just a little more color than the last. Today some of the lilies have burst open, exposing their radiance. Naturally, this process has taken time, patience, and some nurturing.

I wonder, what is it that keeps the lilies from getting frustrated in being all tightened up, unable to release themselves from their temporary bondage? How ever can they be so calm just sitting there waiting for everything...

Love is Enough

Dec 19, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings and Glorious holiday wishes to all!

In contemplating all that accompanies this time of year, I was reminded of a beautiful quote that I saw on the wall in a business I used to frequent while living in Kansas. I had not committed the quote to memory but thought I had it stored in my old computer, which I resurrected from the closet. After putting this antiquated piece of equipment back together, I proudly plugged it in only to discover a blank screen on the monitor. What to do? I wanted to share this quote and to remember it for myself. I decided to pick up the phone and call Individually Yours in Wichita, Kansas.

If only I had acted on my...