Loving Yourself

On Merging Science and Creationism

Jun 09, 2019 by Luann Robinson Hull

Dear Friends,

Several weeks ago, someone asked me if I’d ever studied atheism.  Over my 25 years of researching human consciousness, science and spiritual growth, I had to say the topic hadn’t crossed my radar.  Apart from having read The Origin, where Dan Brown pits creationism against science, which was interesting (though not convincing) I’ve never had the slightest inclination to explore the subject.

Reflections and Progress

Sep 06, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Over the past several weeks we have discussed the topic of happiness and what it truly means to be happy. We have talked about how to use loss as a launch pad, alchemizing the lead of our challenges into the gold of our existence. We have reviewed ways to shift our perceptions and to look for some potential pearls in whatever state of temporary peril we may be feeling.

We have also delved into the idea of personality patterns and how those influence our lives. Some of us have practiced the ancient ritual of Ho’oponopono, which involves asking to be healed yourself, of any quality that you resist in another. By doing this we can humbly recognize that we have the...

Cultivating Self-Love

Mar 20, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
I know it isn’t necessarily a glamorous or popular topic, though as we pointed out last week, without it, we can’t have a solid foundation for really loving and being loved. Scott Peck (1978), the legendary author of The Road Less Traveled, defines love as the desire for your own spiritual growth or for that of the beloved. How would you define love? Would your description be similar to Peck’s—wanting growth and expansion for yourself or another? Or does love hold a different meaning in your world?

Regardless of how we come to define love, one thing has become quite clear to me in listening to others as well as making my own personal discoveries. Compromise has no place in a...

Where to Find True Love

Dec 05, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
“It is essential to know what is vital and alive in us and [then] shape our lives in its image.”—David Whyte The Heart Aroused.

In his beautiful book, The Heart Aroused David Whyte, beloved author and poet, offers insight and inspiration on how to seed, feed and water the soul, sparking our inner Life Force. Whyte proclaims that when we nourish ourselves from within, we will naturally connect with others, who join us in the pilgrimage of personal discovery. Together, we are bound to become more expanded versions of ourselves and grow exponentially from the conversations and connections that inevitably accompany the joys of our individual and collective journey.

Whyte shares an ancient Chinese tale to emphasize the point. The hero of...

It's Your Ball Baby-Invite Whoever You Want

Jun 13, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Put on your high-heeled shoes, girlfriends... and I don't mean glass slippers (too fragile). This is your ball, baby...and you get to invite whoever you want to join you at the dance...King? Prince? Marine? Green Peace Advocate? Who is the true match for your glorious, golden, Queenly self?

Don't settle...Ever again...

Keep on dancin'!!