On Connecting

May 08, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
Many of the great philosophers say that the core of all suffering is rooted in the belief of a self separate from others and from God (or your version of what created you). If this is indeed so, it seems especially odd to me how we humans frequently sabotage our chances for connection with people and the world around us by our own behaviors and attitudes.

I am currently visiting NYC where it appears that this “separation syndrome” is alive and well. Roughly two million people live in Manhattan, and on top of that around 16 million come and go to and from the city each day. Of this demographic many ride the subway on which I have recently had occasion...

A New Relationship Paradigm

A New Relationship Paradigm
Apr 30, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
In a relationship model where happiness (not to be confused with immediate gratification or pleasure) is the primary value, the Prince could be seen as a gift that Cinderella had not expected. Had he not shown up, she would have gone on to live her life contentedly. (Naturally, the same would be true for the Prince.) He was a partner with whom she could experience an even grander version of herself. Their combined love and devotion would provide a new opportunity for growth, individually as well as a couple. They would come to know that their relationship was just one of a multitude of choices for developing their personal and collective talents and treasures.

Cinderella and Prince Charming would have a chance...

Connection: A Paradox

Connection: A Paradox
Apr 14, 2013 by Luann Robinson Hull
As we concentrate on balancing whatever appears to be out of whack in ourselves, at some point we come to understand that our capacity to love, create, and reach our most expanded potential cannot be complete without experiencing human relationships. And the paradox inherent in this realization is that we won't be truly balanced until we are willing to let go of everything to which we believe we must be connected in order to survive. Often our attachments and addictions are subtle. We can rationalize them, particularly when we don't want to take a look at what we might be doing to create our own misery. Frequently we feel that it is impossible to detach from our harmful habits, at least until...

What You Seek Already Exists

What You Seek Already Exists
Oct 28, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
Spotter (Photo credit: Jay Aremac)

When we focus on and trust our insights and inspirations (which are the voices that guide us to fulfilling our passions and dreams), the urgent need to obtain security in another or outside of us will begin to melt away and eventually disappear. Widows who have learned to become dependent on their husbands, for example, often discover a multitude of inner strength, courage, and wisdom following the death of their spouse. The same is true of women who have broken up with their partners. As they move through the stages of grief, they are frequently astounded by the sense of power and delight that accompanies the process of developing their independence.

Sara made...

Your Awakened Heart

Your Awakened Heart
Oct 21, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull

The Heart (Photo credit: petalouda62)

  Keep awakening and opening your heart. Notice when you feel joy. Be present with this feeling and remember that this is your natural state. Be aware of feelings of pain that may arise. You might react because you instinctively resist this pain. Be willing to sit still with it for a minute. Become intimate with the twinge and tenderness that you are experiencing. See if you can pinpoint where the pain is most acute. Where are you the most sensitive? Where do you feel particularly vulnerable around this ache in your heart? Do you feel jumpy, heavy, restless or motionless? Can you have a conversation with this pain? If so, what does...

Choosing to be "Queen"

Choosing to be "Queen"
May 28, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
Queen Candace of the Ethiopians (Photo credit: principia aesthetica)

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of my book, Happily Ever After Right Now, "Magnificence: Choosing to be Queen": As a psychotherapist, I have listened to hundreds of clients repeat the same story. They are either looking for the perfect relationship, or else they are in a relationship that has turned out to be less than perfect and want their partner to change. Need I mention that most of these clients are women? In every case, they have set aside their power and forgotten their innate sovereignty. Instead, they are looking outside, to the world or to someone else, to be their saving grace, the answer to...

On Hummingbirds And Happiness

Apr 29, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
originally posted on website June 14, 2010

"The goodness of a thing lies in its awareness and realization of its specific nature." - Aristotle

Dear Friends,

The last time we connected in January it seemed it could be a long winter's journey into spring. Now, suddenly it is June when the days extend endlessly into dusk and dawn starts to light up the sky just a few hours after midnight. About the time I find the lengthy winters in Colorado intolerable, summer boldly announces itself. And to me, the hummingbird (appropriately named for its captivating hum) is the official ambassador of the season. They have a magical way of ushering in the warm, sunny days, and bear a stunning resemblance to Peter Pan's Tinkerbelle...

Conscious Conversations

Jul 31, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
We recently completed our third gathering of Conscious Conversations™ in Aspen , Colorado and I am delighted to report that the groups are sprouting in other areas and gaining momentum. What are they: Gatherings of people who meet regularly to support each other in conscious living both practically and philosophically. The Goal: to combine our strengths in achieving an optimal state of personal and collective growth.

The discussions continue to be both thought provoking and inspiring. Among some of the topics mentioned in last week’s Aspen group was a dialogue on how to really make progress with some of the sobering issues currently facing us both individually and globally. The following interpretation of Thomas Hartman's message in The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, was discussed: “If you don’t raise consciousness by...

You Are Invited

Jun 05, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
It is with great delight that I extend an invitation - a call for submissions - to all of you to share your inspirations with our list of readers this summer. The Happily team is busy planning and developing some exciting new projects and products, and so our gem will go out monthly instead of weekly starting now and extending throughout September. However, we are open to maintaining our weekly mailings, should we receive articles and inspirations from you that we all agree would be helpful and appropriate to publish for the benefit of our readers. We have been writing to you now for some 54 weeks (Christmas and Easter excluded), so we decided it was time to give you...

Attracting What You Want By Being Who You Are

May 29, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
The town in which I am currently a resident will soon be having a mayoral election. Of course, the ideal circumstance for any such “race” is to be able to select from a group of people, who have integrity, character, and a desire to serve for the highest good of all. And, this being the case wouldn’t choosing a candidate simply be a matter of selecting the one with the values that most represent and resonate with your own?

An advertisement in the local paper today regarding the upcoming election caught my attention. It appeared that the mayoral candidate, who had placed the ad was attempting to attract votes by demonstrating his character, accomplishments, and how because of his experience and...

Conscious Conversations

May 01, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Seven years ago this fall I had the rare and unusual privilege of taking a course entitled The Re-Invention of Work from Margaret Wheatley, Ph.D and world renowned Leadership and Organizational Development expert. During the class we were taught to think “outside of the box” exploring new insights, and possibilities for our respective careers with the following in mind: “[Challenges] that seem impossible to [resolve] with one paradigm may be easily solved with a different one."

One of her parting statements to us was, “Have as many conversations as you possibly can about what matters to you. Do this in circles—then connect the circles. And oh, one more thing—if it doesn’t feel a bit strange, you definitely aren’t doing it.” This...

Love is Enough

Dec 19, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings and Glorious holiday wishes to all!

In contemplating all that accompanies this time of year, I was reminded of a beautiful quote that I saw on the wall in a business I used to frequent while living in Kansas. I had not committed the quote to memory but thought I had it stored in my old computer, which I resurrected from the closet. After putting this antiquated piece of equipment back together, I proudly plugged it in only to discover a blank screen on the monitor. What to do? I wanted to share this quote and to remember it for myself. I decided to pick up the phone and call Individually Yours in Wichita, Kansas.

If only I had acted on my...

Your Mind Can Help You Make Lots of Money

Dec 12, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
“When we shall have arrived at a sufficient understanding, our thought will take us where we wish to be.”—Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

“You don’t have to be perfect to get rich, but you do need to recognize when your thinking isn’t empowering to yourself and others…The secret to success is not to try to avoid or get rid of or shrink from your problems; the secret to success is to grow yourself so that you are bigger than any problem.” –T. Harv Eker Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

I don’t know about you, but for most of my adult life, the concern over money has occupied quite a lot of my time. When I have had it, I’ve wondered what...

Where to Find True Love

Dec 05, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
“It is essential to know what is vital and alive in us and [then] shape our lives in its image.”—David Whyte The Heart Aroused.

In his beautiful book, The Heart Aroused David Whyte, beloved author and poet, offers insight and inspiration on how to seed, feed and water the soul, sparking our inner Life Force. Whyte proclaims that when we nourish ourselves from within, we will naturally connect with others, who join us in the pilgrimage of personal discovery. Together, we are bound to become more expanded versions of ourselves and grow exponentially from the conversations and connections that inevitably accompany the joys of our individual and collective journey.

Whyte shares an ancient Chinese tale to emphasize the point. The hero of...