Your Awakened Heart

Oct 21, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull

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Keep awakening and opening your heart. Notice when you feel joy. Be present with this feeling and remember that this is your natural state. Be aware of feelings of pain that may arise. You might react because you instinctively resist this pain. Be willing to sit still with it for a minute. Become intimate with the twinge and tenderness that you are experiencing. See if you can pinpoint where the pain is most acute. Where are you the most sensitive? Where do you feel particularly vulnerable around this ache in your heart? Do you feel jumpy, heavy, restless or motionless? Can you have a conversation with this pain? If so, what does it have to say to you? Can it teach you anything about yourself? If it has to do with your connection to another person, realize that this connection, and all that accompanies it, is no accident. Everything that has occurred in this relationship has the potential to help you grow and expand your levels of consciousness. Allow yourself to feel any discontent that may be coming to your awareness. Begin to comfort yourself with love and compassion. Notice that these feelings of love and compassion are ever available to you. 


Understand that the benefit of allowing yourself to go deeply toward the feeling you wanted to resist, actually guided you in the direction of opening your heart. Allow yourself to fully feel the gift of compassion that you are offering here. Then permit your compassion to overflow and reach anyone else who may be stuck (including the individual that helped to awaken you to this experience), so that s/he might benefit from the powerful energy that you are recruiting. You are courageous. You are Passionate. You have the ability to dramatically effect positive change, both within yourself and in others. Don't wait. Start now. 


We are not separate beings roaming the planet disconnected from one another. Rather, we are one with each other and all that exists. What I give to you, will return to me. If I bestow love unto each of my brothers and sisters, so shall I receive back in full bounty the love that I have offered in one way or another. And, as I become more and more identified with the love that is the root of my being, I will notice that I am blessed with a burning desire to share everything I came here to create. In waking up to the truth, I can recognize the multitude of creative expressions with which I can choose to share my own personal genius with the world. I am part of the whole and yet, ironically, I must differentiate from this whole to become more connected. The joy of endowing the Earth with my own unique imagination is what connects me to expansion. As I offer my gifts to facilitate growth in others, each one can combine what they have received with their own distinct talents and "pay forward" the entire package. There is no end to the cycle of creativity that begins with your Passions and inspirations. 


Once I have dabbled in the delight that is the natural result of such a process, I can begin to let go of the conditioning that has produced in me a need-based paradigm of relationship and love. In viewing life through a different lens I am fully aware that the idea of a Prince Charming, who will come along and save me, is part of a fairy-tale fantasy that no longer serves my true purpose on this planet. Rather, it is in the bringing forward of my Passions that I will quiet the longing which, I once believed could only be satisfied by some external event (like hooking up with the Brute or the Prince).  


If you take away nothing else, take away this: You are courageous. You are Passionate. You have the ability to dramatically effect positive change, both within yourself and in others. Don't wait. Start now. 








Above excerpt taken from my book “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!” p. 160-162


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