You Are Making a Difference

Interesting time of the year… autumn. As I look out my window I can still see remnants of beautiful golden leaves adorning the hillside, while others have turned brown and are falling to the ground, ready to become the compost that will fertilize new growth in the spring.

As we notice the changes that are taking place in our lives, both individually and collectively, how can we join together to create a collective compost that can alchemize the past, building the foundation for a positive future?

The green leaves of spring will inevitably turn brown and fall to the ground. And then, the cycle will repeat itself. The leaves come, the leaves go. People come. People go. And you want to be someone who makes a difference. You want to be someone that people will remember. You want to be the one, whose smile and positive attitude changed someone’s day or even her/his life…right? As you contemplate this beautiful season and all that accompanies it, be thinking about how you want to be remembered whenever you are the one to go….whether it is at the supermarket, or waving farewell to a loved one.

You matter. You are changing the world. You are making a difference. Keep expanding, Keep growing. You are the one.

Peace be upon you…now and forevermore.

Radiant love and blessings,