Watch Your Words

The 5th and final step in our series on New Year, New View, New Perspective, is: “Watch Your Words”

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In the following vignette, we are coming from the female perspective, though clearly the genders can be flipped to fit any scenario/dialogue where the example below could be useful.

“Do not cause harm by your words, actions, and deeds. Make certain there are no hidden agendas in what you are presenting. Look at the facts from a place of observation instead of judgment and state them clearly. 

Do say, “I noticed that when you were an hour late for dinner it seemed to really bother me. Can you help me understand what caused your delay? How can we communicate more clearly next time? I am willing to be more adaptable, but in order for that to happen, I will need more information.”

Don’t say, “I was extremely disappointed when you were so late for dinner. I had worked really hard to make it a nice evening for us and now everything is ruined because of your insensitivity and lack of caring about my feelings.”

The first scenario simply relates the facts without judgment. It also shows that the speaker has respect for both parties and that she takes responsibility for her feelings/reactions. The second situation is full of complaints, projections, and attempts to make him feel guilty. It also includes a judgment that he doesn’t care about you or the relationship. Can you see how quickly he will lose interest in listening to you when all you are doing is building a case against him? Begin with facts and declarative statements. “You are late.” “I am upset.” If he starts to defend himself and his behavior, stop him by encouraging him to stick to the facts as well. Assure him that your intention is to avoid judgment. Invite his cooperation by doing the same”—Happily Ever After…Right Now, pp. 118-119

It is so easy to react when we feel betrayed, and much more difficult to step back and wait before we speak or react. The next time you are triggered, see if you can stop, take a breath (or two), and then ask yourself what you would like to hear in the way of communication should you be the one in the hot seat.

Andrew Newberg, is an associate professor in the Dept. of Radiology and Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania where he is also the Director of Integrated Studies of Spirituality and Neuroscience. He has done extensive research on the effects of certain emotional states on the brain. In his findings, Newberg reports that, “…Anger interrupts the functioning of your frontal lobes. Not only do you lose the ability to be rational, you lose the awareness that you are acting in an irrational way. When your frontal lobes shut down, it is impossible to listen to the other person, let alone feel empathy or compassion. Instead, you are likely to feel self-justified and self righteous. When this happens, communication falls apart.”—Andrew Newberg, How God Changes the Brain, pp.19-20

See what you can do to keep communication flowing with your significant other—particularly when you are triggered. Make note of your victories. And, be sure to tell us about them here in the comments on the blog, tweet them to me at @LuannRHull, or stop by the Happily Ever After Right Now Facebook Page, to keep all of us on the “Happily” team informed of your progress!

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Excerpt taken from page 118-119 of my book, “Happily Ever After… Right Now”

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