Watch for Familiar Patterns

Continuing in our series,“New Year, New View, New Perspective,” here is Step 2, which is “Watch For Familiar Patterns.” We are working toward “repositioning” or changing the messages about relationships in our minds (our conditioning).  I believe this week’s step is crucial in developing a fresh, new perspective on intimacy and how we relate to our partners.

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If what's played out between you and your partner feels familiar, it probably is. Be vigilant. It is critical that you notice the behavioral patterns showing up here that haven't worked for you before, so that you can clearly see what you want to change in yourself.

We will cover the topic of “As Without, So Within,” next week, and how to begin to make subtle changes in yourself that will benefit your relationships. In the meantime be open to taking a look at what you are doing that may not be serving you or your relationship. For example, do you have a habit of withholding your feelings in order to keep peace? If you are living and breathing on this planet, there have probably been times when you haven’t been completely honest about what is really going on in your inner world. And chances are your partner may be doing the same thing. If this is the case your unexpressed feelings can start to build a case on who or what is wrong (and it likely isn’t going to feel like it’s you). For just one week, see if you can practice noticing when you might withhold. Be willing to look a little deeper and then, without judgment, see what you discover. Is there a pattern here?


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Excerpt taken from page 118 of my book, “Happily Ever After… Right Now”

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