Waking Into Your Life

Sep 01, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
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Waking Into Your Life (Overcoming Our Addiction to Love)

Below is an excerpt from my book, Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating! It is taken from chapter 5: Power: Give Up Your Addiction to Love. This section is titled, Examining Your Fear and Waking Into Your Life.

When your entire identity is invested in shielding and protecting yourself from the indeterminate future, you remain behind the curve of your life. What would it take to drop everything that keeps you bound to the story of fear? Is it possible that, if you let go of all that you think you need to protect yourself from harm's way, that you might eventually emancipate yourself from your non-existent demons? When you pay attention, your Powerful, Sovereign nature comes to the fore, and you emerge to claim the full, radiant being that you are. Granted, it takes concentration and practice to shut off our individual and collective schizophrenia -- to quiet the voices that are not our own. They are fierce, and they are loud. Nonetheless, when we claim our Power, no pathology can have any influence over us whatsoever. As we continue to identify with the one authentic voice that answers the call of our heart's true longing, the devils of fear and defeat retreat into the shadows and eventually evaporate. 

The alternative to addiction [in this context, addiction to love], then, is to turn and face the monsters that stalk us, realize that they are frauds, and eventually watch them melt away for good. As we continue the practice of moving toward the things that scare us rather than retreating or running the other way, we will be released from the bondage of fear forever. And when we create these kinds of changes in ourselves, we are not only making our individual contribution -- we are endowing all of humanity. The willingness to go courageously into the eye of the storm (our panic) when everything seems scary, strange, and unfamiliar -- takes incredible courage. Nonetheless, the result is transformational.  When we are willing to actually stand in the proverbial fire, the patterns that have kept us stuck and immobilized will continue to burn off and fade away until they eventually have no further influence over our lives. And then like the Phoenix, we will rise up from the ashes, fully renovated and ready to take flight.

Go on. You can do it. Fly.



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