Transforming the Habit of Fear into Genius

“Despite our overt resolve, we are still creatures of habit. Resolve is activated by self-confidence, which in turn depends on the self image we have.”—Stephen Batchelor

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” –John Wolfgang Von Goethe

“And so it goes, and so it goes, and you’re the only one who knows.”—Billy Joel

If you are a living, breathing creature reading the words on this page, you have the ability in this moment to distinguish the difference between what causes you to suffer and what brings you joy and happiness. There isn’t another human on the planet that can do it for you. No guru, teacher, workshop, or class has the answers. It is only you who knows. Further, you are utterly genius at determining what can catapult you immediately into your most happy and optimal state, avoiding what spins you spiraling toward misery, doubt, and despair.

And so how do we tap into this genius? What is the access point into the most expanded version of who we are, beyond the fears and suffering that keep us stuck and inhibit our growth and development?

One way is to simply acknowledge your own brilliance. Stand up and give yourself a little bow of approval. Celebrate all that has brought you to this very moment, and realize how original and inventive you are at having participated in producing whatever is going on in your world. Like it or not, you have to admit, no one else could have been quite as innovative as you at crafting your experiences. If you like the results of this creative genius of yours then keep doing what you are doing. And, if you are ready to nudge and tweak your mastermind a little, try moving toward what scares you about that, rather than being tempted to go back to the old habit of avoidance or circumvention.

Trust yourself just an inch or two. And as you continue developing more self-confidence, you may just find that there are no monsters under the bed or saber-toothed tigers in the back alley.

Cheers! Accolades! Keep on practicing. You are utterly amazing!

Radiant blessings and love be with you,