The Queen's Jewels

Useful Gems for Reprogramming Ourselves as Women

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Last week I shared an excerpt from my book, "Happily Ever After Right Now" on reprogramming ourselves, and how the only way we can discover true happiness is to be thorough in our investigation of self.  Below are a few gems (or jewels), which can serve as cues on how to take the inner journey.

Whether dormant and disguised or fully operative in their most optimal brilliance, the polishing of these gemstones is what will awaken us to the true callings of the heart. It is no coincidence that each number below represents a chapter title of my book:
1. Entitlement: Let Go of the Longing for the Prince

  JewelJasper for Protection, Grounding, and Clearing (Hall, 2006)

2. Magnificence: Choose to be Queen

Jewel: Jacinth for Wisdom, Honor, and Riches

3. Majesty: Lose the Slave Girl

Jewel: Chrysolite for Manifesting Dreams into Reality and Attracting Love

4. Sovereignty: Stop Looking for the Answers Outside Yourself

Jewel: Sapphire for Focusing and Calming the Mind

5. Power: Give Up Your Addictions

Jewel: Amethyst for Love and Spiritual Power

6. Alchemy: Take Back Your Projections

Jewel: Sardonyx for Harmony

7. Regality: Be Attached to Nothing

Jewel: Aquamarine for Invoking High States of Consciousness (Hall, 2006)

8. Passion: Fully Express Your Gifts to the World

Jewel: Beryl for Actualizing Potential and Loving Unconditionally (Hall, 2006)

9. Preeminence: Live Like a Queen Every Day

Jewel: Rose Quartz for Attracting Unconditional Love

10. Partnership: Revamp Your Relationship with Men

Jewel: Angelite for Courage in Speaking Your Truth and Acceptance of Others

11. Legacy: For Our Daughters and Sons

Jewel: Emerald for Domestic Harmony and Loving Unconditionally (Hall, 2006)

12. Ascendancy: Take Your Queenliness to New Levels for as Long as You Live

Jewel: Diamond for Light and Illumination

Your ability to reign over your life is a function of the number of these jewels you possess. Begin, or continue collecting and as you do, realize that  you are that which happiness is made of -- already. 




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Above excerpt variation was taken from my book “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!” pp. 17-18

You can find the book “Happily Ever After Right Now. Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!” here.


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