The Magic of Majesty

HangingLake_byLisaJeyDavis Photo: Hanging Lake, Colorado. Photo Credit: Lisa Jey Davis © 2005

As you diminish your victim thoughts, words, and actions, you will begin to tap into the magic of the Queen/King. Like the heroes/heroines in fairy tales who had to accomplish some seemingly impossible task, you will be able to set aside apparent "real" limits and move steadily to your goals coming from the inspirations of your heart. The Grimm's (fairy tale) girls, for instance, invariably did what they needed to do -- they got a good night's sleep -- and allowed the guidance of their inner wisdom to handle the rest. The internal womb of stillness will always point us to peace. Our only task is to listen and then follow where the insights direct us.

You are not a victim and you are not alone. Your inner happiness is always available to you. When your partner appears (or is already there), you see her/him as someone who can help to enhance your already happy state. You do not depend on her/him; rather, together you learn the art of interdependence. Your commitment is to growth, authenticity, truth, love, joy, and a foundation of compassionate, honest communication. Each of you knows that there are no guarantees for ever after. If, at any time, your peace is interrupted, you are willing to share and negotiate. And when there can be no resolve because he/she refuses to negotiate with you, or you with your partner, you know what to do. Move on.




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Above excerpt taken from my book “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!” p. 52-53