The Magic of Ho'op

Aug 10, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Last week we began discussions regarding life/personality patterns and were given the option to ponder possibilities. What are your greatest strengths? What are your challenges? And in looking at these, can you notice any prevailing life-themes? Who are the people and what are the situations in your life that bring you joy…and how can you increase your chances of having more of those people and circumstances in your life? Are there situations or people that crop up occasionally (or frequently) that seem to cause difficulty? Can you notice any threads of similarity in these people and situations? If so, are you ready to look at what may be going on? In having the courage to do so, you position yourself to shift your life completely. Are you ready to continually attract situations, and people that will uphold your greatest strengths… and then let go of anything (or anyone) that does not support your highest potential in this life form?

Would it surprise you to realize that these patterns are possibilities for assistance...that they exist in order to help you to notice what may need to be cleared, tweaked, or maintained in yourself, so that you are fully positioned to catapult into your most expanded potential across all areas of your life? It may surprise you even more to understand how simple the process of clearing and discernment actually is. One way to begin is to be willing to notice how we might be participating in perpetuating what isn’t serving our best interests.

The following is an interesting story to ponder while contemplating the above.

A cherished friend recently sent me a beautiful story by Joe Vitale, author of The Attracter Factor. His essay reveals the effects of a remarkable Hawaiian ritual called Ho’oponopono (we have much to learn from the indigenous people of the planet). Apparently, all that is necessary to receive the full benefits of this technique is to be willing to open our hearts with humility and compassion.

According to Vitale, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who worked in a ward for the criminally insane, used this method to assist in healing some of the most profoundly pathological cases. He described the process as “simple.” All that was required was a willingness to take personal responsibility for his life, which to Dr. Len means the following: “…Everything in your life that you see, taste, touch, hear, or smell is partly your creation if you are having the experience of it.” Therefore, if you are willing to see yourself in all of it, you can realize that you have the potential to be all of it… the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, rather then focus on what someone else has done, instead, focus on healing the parts of yourself that have the possibility (regardless of how remote the chances) to become everything you might witness in another (even the criminally insane).

Here is what Dr. Len said took place in his healing sessions, which were done without any personal contact. Instead of “working on” the patient, he worked on himself, with the Ho’oponopono method. This technique is activated by stating, “I love you and I am sorry.” By making this statement, Dr. Len was loving himself, while taking responsibility for any part of himself that might have the potential to manifest in the form of a criminally insane individual.

It is important to note that the “I’m sorry” part of the sentence, has nothing to do with shame, or not being good enough, but rather it is about realizing that at any given time we (or others) can be limited by many factors. These could include ignorance, illness, short sightedness, fear, anxiety, etc. By bringing the Love forward as the predominate influence we are appealing to the healing potential that is always available in us. In the case of Dr. Len’s statement “I am sorry,” he was taking responsibility for his own limitations rather than focusing on someone else’s. And his technique had miraculous results. By simply holding the patient’s file and repeating sincerely the statement, “I love you and I am sorry,” invoking self love and personal accountability, eventually the entire ward was closed…because all of the patients were healed.

If you are willing, try practicing this technique in your life with any situation where you are even remotely tempted to project your anger onto someone else… It doesn’t matter whether it is the person, who just took “your” parking place, or a lover that “betrayed” you. Whatever the case may be… from the benign to the extreme…dare to practice Ho’oponopono and then be sure to share with us, and with others, the miracles that begin to unfold in your life in the forum on our website.

Radiant blessings and happiness be with you…now and forevermore.