The Magic and Miracle of Fear

Nov 14, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
“The greatest miracle you will ever experience does not lie outside of you. It lies within.”—Paul Ferrini

In our most optimal state we realize the significance of these words. And when we are feeling vulnerable and afraid we are tempted to look elsewhere for comfort and solace in an attempt to feel good about who we are on the inside.

Many of us have searched and found what we thought would provide relief, only to inevitably discover our solution to be false and doomed to fizzle. Ah, not to worry, we can look again. There must be an answer out there. Over and over again, we keep seeking. Sometimes our search is relentless and exhausting. We are definitely tenacious, persistent, and resolute in our quest for relief. Alas, what we eventually come to discover is that looking for the answers on the outside will keep us locked in and endless cycle of despair and longing.

It is only when we begin to notice what is solid and true in ourselves that we can start to discover and see what is solid and true in the other, the community, and the world.

This process of discernment requires patience, commitment and discipline. How dearly we want to wander off and keep trying the familiar way, even if it has never resolved anything before. Maybe it will work this time. Of course, our restlessness distracts us from staying with ourselves long enough to begin the process of internal discovery. What will we see if we actually do take a look? Do we have what it takes to actually utilize what’s there cultivating and eventually becoming what we have been seeking from the outside? Scary, eh?

Well, maybe if we can muster up the courage to ask, then our own internal warrior will come forward and guide the way. Now if you are inclined to repudiate such a notion, ask yourself if this warrior of yours has ever failed you before.

S/he conspires tirelessly in your favor. Go ahead. Join her/him and see what happens. What have you got to lose except your doubts and fears?

Light yourself up! What are you waiting for?

You are incredible!

Radiant blessings and love be with you,