The Benefits of Ho'op in Action

Last week we were introduced to a Hawaiian ritual called Ho’oponopono (interesting to note how many Hawaiian syllables are repeated twice…perhaps for emphasis?) This simple method for healing requires only our willingness to embrace in ourselves, the potential to be all of the things we resist in another. And then, ask for our own healing of those qualities. That is all. That is it.

I practiced Ho’oponopono as many times as I could last week (and, admittedly…sometimes I forgot!). I tried to remember to embrace and accept in myself that which I might be resisting in someone else… when I was driving, walking, sitting, or waiting...particularly when I was starting to fume. What I noticed, is that doing so immediately put me into a much more peaceful state. It took the emphasis off of my annoyance, and shifted me more into a positive mode. There was something I could do about the upset by being proactive in working on myself, and from that perspective, everyone is positioned to win.

Today, I was out in the middle of an intersection, waiting for the person in front of me to finally decide to go for it and turn left. In the meantime a thousand cars were honking at me to move. The man to my left was the most noticeably disturbed. He was screaming obscenities in between the shrill hoot of his horn (for the love of God…can you just relax?” I muttered to myself). I could feel my blood boil while turning to him in my most forceful tone to state my case (of course doing so was completely ineffective). “I can’t move until she does,” I proclaimed (now sanctimoniously blaming the woman ahead of me for my ill timed position in the intersection). Clearly, he didn’t care. And so, I had wasted my energy. All that mattered to him was that I was the perceived obstacle to his desperate desire for advancement. Shortly after our brief interaction, I remembered the magic of Ho’op and immediately began working on myself. Even though my behavior might be less boorish than his under most circumstances, I still have the potential to react the same way that he did. And so, I began to ask that any part of me that was inclined to go into rage and reaction…be healed. I instantly began to feel better. No more ruminating on what a so and so this guy was… Instead, I was just focusing on my own personal development and growth.

I have had some positive comments from others this week regarding their practice with Ho’oponopono. One person stated that she was extremely distressed about the way she had been treated by her employer. She was even considering quitting her job because of the incident. Nonetheless, instead of reacting to her boss’s harsh words and actions, she began to ask that whatever quality she was resisting in her employer be healed in herself. At that moment, she knew that even though it was difficult to admit, she probably was capable of behaving the very same way. She continued asking for healing until she reached a more peaceful state, and then initiated another conversation with her manager. The result was impressive. She remarked, “It was as though she was a different person.” And, not only did the conversation go well, but she felt like her employer had finally noticed her value for the first time.

Someone else mentioned a “miraculous” healing. Apparently a couple had separated and decided to spend some time apart for a period of time a few months ago. One of the two began practicing Ho’op last week. Within a few days, he received an email from his companion stating how much she loved him and how sorry she was for her part in the communication break down. Both took responsibility for their individual contributions to the difficulty. Now, they are making plans to re-unite.

Send us your story . Let’s keep the magic of Ho’op moving!

Radiant blessings and joy be with you…now and forevermore.