Royalty We Have Known and Loved

No doubt, you've seen and perhaps even known men or women who have chosen to live in their Magnificence. They exude inner strength and confidence and are respected and admired by others. Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Katherine Hepburn, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, Audrey Hepburn and Queen Noor of Jordan come to mind as female examples. Consider the saintly qualities of Mary, Queen of Heavens, and Magnificent mother of Jesus - picture Hera, Queen of the gods, who reigned as an equal partner with Zeus. Literary characters can also serve as model. Visualize Ayala in The Clan of the Cave Bear (Auel, 2002) series, who maintained a sense of herself and embodied the Royal essence, even thought she was scorned by the less-evolved tribe that adopted her. Many of us will never forget the African Queen in Alex Haley's Roots (2007), who kept her regal bearing, even when enslaved, naked and chained.

Imagine yourself as embodying all of the best qualities of those you admire most in the world. You may want to choose a specific person to emulate. Maybe your grandmother or grandfather maintained a quiet, stately manner that you admired. Or your favorite aunt had a joyous and powerful partnership with her husband. Perhaps you feel intrigued by your daughter and her friends, who radiate a different level of confidence than you ever experienced at their age. You will also start to catch qualities in yourself that you admire and want to expand. Get creative and begin noticing the Royal essence whenever you can.




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Above excerpt variation was taken from my book “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!” p. 26-27

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