Reflections and Progress

Over the past several weeks we have discussed the topic of happiness and what it truly means to be happy. We have talked about how to use loss as a launch pad, alchemizing the lead of our challenges into the gold of our existence. We have reviewed ways to shift our perceptions and to look for some potential pearls in whatever state of temporary peril we may be feeling.

We have also delved into the idea of personality patterns and how those influence our lives. Some of us have practiced the ancient ritual of Ho’oponopono, which involves asking to be healed yourself, of any quality that you resist in another. By doing this we can humbly recognize that we have the potential to be all of the things we may be opposing…whether we actually act on those qualities is not the issue. If we can just be humble enough to ask for our own healing, it can actually transfer to the person with whom we are having the most difficulty. Then, everyone wins. And many of us have seen the miracle of how this process actually works!

We spent some time with Rumi, thirteenth century mystic and poet, and his wisdom on several occasions, and looked at his suggestion of how we might welcome all of the events of our lives as potential “delight”… no matter how the situation may appear.

If you are willing, ask yourself a question. Where exactly are you right now, and where would you like to go from here? If you can, start to notice some sense of contentment in your current situation regardless of how “good” or “bad” things may appear.

Now, see if you can avoid looking at where you have been, rather just look at where you are. What are five reasonable steps that could bring you closer to where you would like to go? Are you willing to ask for help with those five steps? If not, what is holding you back? Decide that you are worth it, and that not only do you deserve to reach your goal, you deserve to have all of the support necessary to help you get there. You know what to do.

Radiant joy to you!