Relationships: Re-Programming Ourselves as Women

It is our ancient conditioning that keeps us stuck in old thought patterns and behaviors about love and relationships. So, then how can we emancipate ourselves from this conditioning's grasp? The primal beliefs and thoughts etched into our consciousness can be automatically triggered by an event. Just like the enchantment that caused Sleeping Beauty to fall asleep when she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel at age sixteen, our old fearful spells kick in when we feel rejected or alone. We can dismantle the power of our ancient conditioning (which wants us to believe that we are sure prey for the lurking monsters) by creating new beliefs and incantations of Entitlement.

The point is that we need to be committed to becoming aware of when a response to an event is not in balance or appropriate given the circumstances, and then take the necessary measures to bring ourselves back to center, back to sanity, back to wholeness. When we can quickly catch ourselves going into a spin, we have the chance to create a new reality, both inside and out. And then we have an opportunity to pop open the portal to an expanded, magical world. We just have to decide to do it.


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But what about the longing? What about the yearning? What about when you are alone (that dreaded awful feeling) and everyone else has someone but you? Or, what about the disappointment you feel when you are with someone and he doesn't measure up to your expectations? What about when he is a "jerk" and says things that hurt or dishonor you? What about the feelings you experience when he forgets to call? Why doesn't he send you flowers? Why doesn't he make you feel better about who you are, or why can't you find someone who can?

Letting go of the myth of Prince Charming can be an arduous process, burdened by what could be a stubborn reluctance to surrender the dream and finally get a grip on reality. Shifting your consciousness involves a steady, centered commitment toward waking up from our Sleeping Beauty dream state by focusing on the Internal, rather than the external world. In negotiating this mysterious journey toward the inner landscape, you must map out what can feel like uncharted territory. Like Hansel and Gretel, who found their way out of the forest by leaving a trail of white stones that glowed in the moonlight, we too have a trail of wisdom to help us untangle from the diabolical twists and turns that are the forests of our minds. But in order to actually see the truth, we have to be looking. Then, once we have made our discoveries, we must be willing to engage all of the courage, discipline, detachment, obedience and surrender that we can muster in order to follow where we are guided on this, our very own moonlight path. Feelings of discomfort -- often intense -- will most likely accompany the pilgrimage. Going deeply into all that we do not want to feel is part of the process. We cannot keep stuffing away our discomfort. Sooner or later those feelings will emerge in one way or another. We might as well address them now, before they brew, bubble and finally explode.

The only way we can discover true happiness is to be thorough in our investigation of self. It is here that we can begin to awaken the sleepy, sluggish dreamer, who may have been operating on autopilot. As we take the wheel into our own hands, we are primed for uncovering the passions inherent in our being that every Queen knows is the secret to happily ever after...right now. 




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Above excerpt variation was taken from my book “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!” pp. 17-18

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