Queens Act Like Queens

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The idea of Magnificence can bring sharply into focus all of the ways you do not feel Magnificent in the form of your shortcomings and faults. We are constantly exposed to the emotional toxicity that has accumulated in the world, bombarding us from every angle. We know it well. This negative conditioning (provoked by our "old rugged brain") can exaggerate fear, confusion, worry, and anxiety, all of which impede growth and disrupt the journey toward love, joy, freedom, and truth. The "hell" created from venomous thoughts, deeds and actions -- is a part of our individual and combined story. When we subscribe to this way of operating, we perpetuate hell's grip on us, interrupting our soul's purpose, and losing our innocence. True happiness, which lies at the center of our being, is overshadowed by anguish and suffering. One way to overcome any fear-based negativity is to practice functioning from a loving foundation by learning to love all of the parts of yourself.

If you are still hoping the Prince will appear and save you, love that.

If he doesn't call, and you are panicking, love that. 

If you forget to act like a Queen, love that. 

If you feel too fat, too think, too old, or jest generally not okay, love that. 

If you feel gorgeous, sexy, wise, and utterly Magnificent, love that.

Do you get the idea? You step into your Magnificence when you can love in 360 degrees. Most of us have been directing that love outward, toward the idolized other. At our center lies the deepest, purest love, which we can only have the delusion of being without. We are bathed in this love. What connects us fully to the awareness that it exists -- the love and acceptance of ourselves. 

A classic piece of career advice is to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. When you do that, people begin to see you in the more elevated role, and then it becomes natural for you to expand into that position. This is one way to live large and into your future. Similarly, you can act as if you're the Queen you want to be. First, you must see yourself as a Queen. Assume a regal demeanor. Now, believe and then know that it is absolutely possible for you to live your Magnificence. 

Think of yourself as two parts: One is already a Queen, and the other is a Queen in-training. Just as you'd love and encourage a friend or a child, the Queen part of you can love and encourage yourself. If you feel angry about something he said, soothe yourself. If you are sad because he has left you, console yourself. And, when you are excited about your own developing Magnificence, celebrate yourself. 




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