Practices for Peace

There are many things happening globally, in our communities and in our personal relationships that can tempt us to shift our focus of the need for peace to other places, and to think about what others could be doing, or might have done, in order to be more peaceful. On Monday, every single American remembered the tragedy that took place in New York City five years ago on September 11th. In reflecting on that tragedy, it is tempting to think about those who perpetrated the unconscionable crimes, and to concentrate on what they should or should not have been doing. Perhaps it would be useful when we have those thoughts to ask ourselves how helpful this thinking is in eliminating the problem, or the underlying cause which resulted in the difficulty. And if in being honest we discover that our feelings of judgment, blame, and even righteousness (should any of these arise) are not so helpful, what would be supportive in creating peace?

In the weeks ahead, we will be looking at how we can move our concentration inward, and then from there, share peace from our own center of stillness.

What would happen if every single person on the planet began to think about offering peace in all interactions with another…at least on some level? How would such an intention change things?

Maybe you and I can start this practice (if you haven’t already) by noticing how to begin each day from a peaceful foundation, and then choosing to return to that place throughout the day, especially in times of challenge. If you are inclined, tomorrow, set your alarm (or just decide) to arise five minutes earlier. In the five extra minutes you have allowed yourself to be awake, create a word that will help you to remember the feeling of peace throughout the day. Got it? Good. Now, repeat that word with every inhalation and exhalation you take, for the next five minutes. Then go on about your usual routine. Anytime your state of peace is challenged throughout the day, remember your word. Replace it with any resistance, anger, depression, etc, that may arise. And before you put your head on the pillow again, reflect on any changes that simple practice may have caused.

What are your ideas on how to create peace? How are you enhancing your own sense of tranquility? Send us your thoughts and let’s all help each other in creating the Heaven on Earth we were meant to experience!

Radiant blessings and peace be with you.