Peacefully Negotiating These Times

Not long after 9-1-1 many teachers and leaders sent beautiful messages out to the world. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ (author of Women Who Run With the Wolves) was among one of my favorites.

She stated, “My friends, do not lose heart. We were made for these times…In any dark hour the tendency is to veer toward fainting over how much is wrong in an un-mended world. Do not focus on that…”

Yes. And so what would help us to shift our attention away from what would appear to be a world that has really going out of whack? Since 9/11 it seems that the madness persists, threatening to continue veering us off in the wrong direction—the heinous crimes, the endless disparities between the just and unjust, and the suffering that results from it all.

How can we re-frame what may appear to be “outrageous misfortune” through a more optimistic lens? A client just phoned me with her complaints of sleepless nights, out of control anxiety, and runaway fears. Her story is one of many. It would seem that the “craziness” is heating up and manifesting in greater extremes from the micro to the macro levels across all cultures and paradigms.

In the drama of it all, I am frequently gifted with the grace of reminders that help to shift my own perspective. The following is one of those reminders—an inspirational message from Kay Toothman, author, of Prayers from the River to the Mountain. Kay is an amazing example of “not losing heart” amidst incredible odds, including the loss of her daughter in a house that went up in flames. Here is what she writes:

“During my deepest moments of despair I would go to the river where I would connect with God. Even though I lacked understanding about what was going on, I just let my confusion go, releasing all negativity onto a wave in the river, and then watching it float away. This exercise always brought peace to my heart. I could “let go and let God.” Yesterday, when I went walking along that well worn path of mine by the river the wind was blowing, making lots of waves. I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom. And then I realized that I no longer had any negativity to release!”

And so perhaps what we can glean from Kay’s message is that to the extent that we are willing to persist in letting go of the negative, eventually it will no longer have such power over us and our lives, and we will, indeed be free. And isn’t freedom what we really want—freedom from fear, worry, heartache, and suffering?

Time to drop the baggage so you can soar. And, when you do, not only will you be changing your own life, but the lives of others whose lives you touch. You are the one that is going to create Heaven on earth, right here, right now, by your willingness to release the negative and anything else that no longer serves your most optimal potential. Go for it and watch yourself fly free.

Loving you,