Path To Freedom & Joy

During the next six weeks, we will be taking a look at how we can liberate ourselves from the personality patterns, which no longer serve our development and growth. It is time to claim our full and most optimal potential and let go of anything that is interrupting progress…now! Not just some, but all of our misery can be eliminated if we are just willing to take a look at what we ourselves might be able to do to adjust, alter, eliminate and expand.

Here are some questions to ponder as we explore together what we need to emphasize or adjust in order to embrace all possibilities for joy and happiness… now!
  1. Can you identify 10 strengths?
  2. Can you notice any prevailing life-themes that you seem to repeat, which at times can cause you pain and suffering?
  3. Can you easily remove yourself from interactions with others, who are trying to make a point with you…so as not to go into defensiveness and righteousness?
  4. Do you occasionally have an emotional investment, in “being right” (we have all been there)… such as attempting to prove yourself in some way, or wanting others to understand or be influenced by your point of view?
  5. Can you quickly move from frustration or joy… to seeing the lesson and benefit, in all situations, realizing that all external events are temporary? Or, do you sometimes tend to ruminate or “bliss out” depending on the circumstances?
  6. Can you be receptive to another person’s point of view, honoring their perceptions, regardless of whether or not you agree?
  7. Can you have enough self-respect to honor who you are and where you are going regardless of what others may be thinking, expressing, or feeling?
All of us have certain life themes that we tend to repeat. We can often reflect and see predictable patterns. Some of these can be useful, and some…most definitely not. If you are ready to claim your power and ignite your passions, now is the time to really take a look at what will help fully launch you into your full and most optimal potential for joy and happiness.

Have compassion for yourself and realize that you are doing the best you can… and this is your moment. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing…you can start now to make the changes that will catapult you into expansion and growth.

If you are ready, be really honest this week and ask yourself if there are any areas of your life where you are making unnecessary compromises. Congratulate yourself for admitting the truth about what is going on…whatever that may be. You can live a life beyond limitation. All you have to do is to get clear about what is going on now, so that you can notice what might need to change in order for you to move toward living the life of your dreams. Sharpen your awareness even if just a notch, regarding how you are creating your reality…both the “good” and the “bad.” Way to go! Stay tuned. Meanwhile… you know what to do.

Rest easy and delight in your own being… YOU are a miracle.

Love and happiness be with you.