On Happiness, Change, Miracles...And You

“When you spend your time trying to fill a leaky barrel, you neglect the methods and above all the ways of being that will allow you to find happiness within yourself.” –Matthieu Ricard (2006, Happiness)

Is it possible that the formula for how to be happy “within yourself” has always been available to you? And that this is so because you came from a place where harmony and joy are the exclusive states of being? Though, since you are curious by nature, perhaps you deliberately decided to develop a sort of amnesia regarding your true origins—thereby trying to fill several “leaky barrels” before beginning to remember the true source of your bliss and delight. And in keeping with your sense of adventure, maybe you wanted to launch yourself onto Planet Earth at this remarkable time for growth and change, regardless of how many frustrating attempts you might have to make while here at solving the “leaky barrel” dilemma. Nonetheless, the purpose of your “visit” to this place of unprecedented opportunity might be so that you could share your exceptional gifts in new and creative ways. And while bringing forth more from within than you could ever have possibly imagined, you would simultaneously continue to discover and expand your already joyful, happy state. Cool, huh?

One of the amazing advantages of your decision to embark on an Earth-bound adventure would be the opportunity to join with other extraordinary souls, who could connect their passions and inspirations with yours, and together, there would be no end to the creativity and growth you might generate. They, like you, would also be on an exploration of discovery. So how might you recognize these fellow travelers when they cross your path? By seeing the sacred spark in their eyes as they acknowledge your magnificence. Of course, you in turn, immediately inspired by their radiant glow, would flash back the same unmistakable, affirming flicker.

Well, regardless of what may have transpired that has brought us all here together during this most fascinating period in human history, it looks like an excellent time to enhance our systems of support, heart to heart—hand to hand. Collectively we might have a greater opportunity to strengthen our chances for transcending the current human, modus operandi (the one that doesn’t appear to be working so well at the moment).

Not surprisingly in the midst of these vulnerable times, it happens to be a Presidential election year. So naturally there is a glaring spotlight on the candidates, each of whom have their own ideas on how to liberate us from what would seem to be a fairly serious state of affairs. And no matter which party is saying what—both/all appear to have a solution on how to fix things. Of course, being human, when we look around, it is tempting to believe that they are correct—that we could definitely use a serious overhaul. And that maybe, just maybe one of them could do the job in helping us to shift gears in a more positive direction—especially since it looks like we are headed straight down hill at break neck speed.

But how does such a shift really occur? Is it going to come from the government policies and elected officials who are currently operating from a system that seems to have some fundamental flaws? Will one of the Presidential candidates and his administration be able to recruit the strength, expertise, political will, integrity, justice and heart to strengthen or re-vamp our entire social structure, health care, and education systems while simultaneously catapulting us into a healthy economy? Will they be able to restore our right to the real “pursuit of happiness” on which the Constitution was originally founded? And can they accomplish all of this while the rest of us of sit back and observe, either with our adulation or disapproval, depending on how we perceive things? Perhaps we would be wise to revisit Albert Einstein’s famous theory: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.”

Yes, I know we want to believe in our heart of hearts that something or someone will swoop in (like Prince Charming or the Tooth Fairy) and make it all better. And yet, on some level we know the truth. Prince Charming and the Tooth Fairy are external projections of an internal desire to be rescued by something when we see ourselves as victims of this or that. And if we put others in charge of saving us, are they ever really going to get it “right” regardless of who they happen to be—Prince Charming or the President of the United States? In outsourcing our power to someone else aren’t we at risk for setting everyone up to fail, including ourselves? Of course we need leadership. Though what does real leadership look like? Do we even know?

And so where am I going with all of this? Good question. The answer has perpetually puzzled me while I have continued to plod along on this fascinating path of inquiry and discovery, year after year—decade after decade. One thing I know for sure. When we see ourselves as victims—as the poor, helpless wounded ones, who have been wronged by this system or that, the chipping away of our personal power will most definitely result—until nothing is left but some version of a deer in the headlights (not pretty). Now I don’t believe that any of us intend to go around seeing ourselves that way, though in truth, the idea of victim and villain has probably been entrenched in our conditioning for so long that we don’t even realize when we are looking through the lens of the injured instead of the empowered.

Isn’t it time that we come together regularly in more deliberate ways to strengthen the sense of community and fellowship that will continue to inspire, motivate, encourage, stimulate, and support the unfolding of our combined best destinies? My personal response to the call for a human “overhaul” is to continue providing a space for Conscious Conversations, launched nearly two years ago. These are circles of people gathering intentionally on a frequent basis to build conscious communities through dialogue, fellowship, and deepening spiritual awareness—the folks that see the “sacred spark” in each other, mentioned earlier.

Please join me for an expanded series of discussions, on how we can grow together while re-claiming the strongest agent of change that exists—our own personal power, and the responsibility that accompanies it. I’m talking about the kind of power and responsibility that Gandhi used to change the fate for a fifth of the human race. He was a living demonstration of wisdom, truth, integrity, honor, compassion and love. He responded to violence with non-violence; hatred with love; defensiveness with non-defensiveness; righteousness with passion, hypocrisy with integrity; and judgment with consideration. He described himself as an “ordinary man with an extraordinary vision.” Imagine what would happen if the entire human race would choose to follow his example. Isn’t it time to go forward contributing to the momentum that could potentiate as a twenty-first century “Gandhi effect?” Only this time, we can expand the influence to reach all 5/5ths of the human population.

Oh yes—and when you are voting this fall for whoever/whatever you feel will best represent your values I know you will focus on what you are for, avoiding any attention on what you may be against. And as you cast your ballot of support, think about how you want to continue contributing (it doesn’t matter what—just so you participate in some way). This will do wonders for your spirits, not to mention the multitude of additional, unprecedented benefits.

Yes—change, happiness and miracles abound—all because of your willingness to participate in being “… the change you wish to see in the world.”—Gandhi

You are so poised for magnificence…