Making A Mindset of Success

May 22, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
“The cosmic engine is started but man/woman guides it in his/her own life.”—Jean Houston, Ph.D

“…mind healing is a result of the constructive use of mental law, which the world is gradually beginning to understand. Since we are thinking beings and cannot stop thinking, and since Creative Mind receives our thought and cannot stop creating, It must always be creating something for us. What It will make depends wholly upon what we are thinking, and what we shall attract will depend upon that on which our thoughts dwell.”—Ernest Holmes, Visionary (Science of Mind, 1998, Putnam, pp.294)

I was reminded of some extraordinary examples of the effects of putting our thoughts toward the positive while recently having an inspirational discussion with Travis Greenlee, expert webinar and marketing genius ( Travis was reflecting on the mindset of success and specifically as it relates to winners like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong. He remarked, “Think of the pressure of knowing you have to beat the odds/records, stay focused in front of the crowds, and play each stroke, or ride every mile with the perfection of a champion—no matter what.”

Having had an extraordinary recovery from cancer himself, and subsequently creating a flourishing career that has inspired and helped housands, Travis can identify with the tenacity, obedience, and courage required of such a champion. What makes the difference? According to Travis it is, “the discipline to continue getting out of my own way and allowing God to direct the course. We don’t have to figure out how things are going to be accomplished. All we have to do is be open to what inspires us, and then allow the Divine to show us how to bring the inspirations into form.”

And so like Jean Houston suggests above, isn’t it our job to fuel up the “Cosmic Engine” with our passions and inspirations, plug the itinerary of our choice into the celestial version of map-quest, and then sit back and allow the radar screen to light up? And once we do, here comes the fun part—watching the amazing stuff that shows up! Wow! All we had to do was visualizeand decide we were ready for the ride!

Anything you’d like to change in your life? Not really completely satisfied with how things are going at the moment? Good. You have a reference point from which to mark your success. How to start (or start over if you have tried this whole manifesting and attracting business and haven’t yet seen your desired results)? Well, remember, Lance Armstrong probably learned how to ride a bike the same way that you and I did—with training wheels. And so what made him a champion? More than likely it is some version of the following: Practice, patience, believing in himself, obedience, and discipline.

Not unlike some of you, I have had my own challenges with changing my mind, staying focused on the positive, having the discipline to visualize success, and so on. And here is what I have discovered. Change requires enormous discipline and commitment—and when I am willing to believe (even if it is an inch at a time) and practice (daily affirmations, intentions) with discipline and obedience, surrendering my attachment to the outcome, I do get extraordinary results. And I am grateful to Travis, Tiger and Lance for being extraordinary examples of what this formula can produce (yeah…I’m copyin’ them). Now, if you aren’t one already, become a living inspiration yourself. Go.

Believing in you,