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Realize that you have an inexhaustible inner light that glows even in your darkest moments. This light is eternal. It can never be extinguished. And the only way for you to actually experience its full, radiant brilliance is to embrace all of those attributes in yourself that you love, and then accept the qualities that you would rather not acknowledge. How is this possible? By opening our hearts and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, over and over again, eventually, what you will come to realize, as you proceed with such a practice, is that all of your suffering is actually just a result of your perceptions, having nothing whatsoever to do with facts.

As you face your fears, insecurities, dreads, dangers, and heartaches, you are actually providing direct access to the heart-voice that will never forsake or abandon you. It is always available to rescue you from your imagined dread of being deserted, neglected, and alone. Eventually, if you persist in facing all that scares you (within reason that is -- you don't have to jump off the cliff to prove your point here), you will become immunized from your fears. Then it won't matter to you whether Mr. or Ms. Wonderful ever shows up (or sticks around if s/he is already there). In becoming your own best advocate, no longer driven by your insecurities, you realize that there is only one reason to be in a relationship -- to enhance who you are, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically -- and then to contribute your gifts so that the beloved has the opportunity to grow and expand as well.

In your increasing state of awareness, you realize that your happiness comes from sharing all of that which has been contained in you. You want others to experience a greater abundance of love and joy because you are present in their lives. And as you continue opening your heart, you can do so from a place of power, using love as your anchor. You give for the joy of giving without expectation of what you will receive in return. Because you already know you will always be protected and taken care of. The thought of scarcity no longer exists in your consciousness. You are opening to your happily ever after... right now.

You also no longer feel the need to control, dominate, limit, restrict, or hinder yourself (or another) in any way. Rather, you nurture in yourself everything that will bring forward your most creative expression in whatever form it may show up. Your very presence in the world serves as a constant source of enrichment and blessing, bringing happiness and joy to all you meet. You do not allow yourself to go into competition or judgment because you realize that these qualities produce suffering and feelings of insufficiency. You are constantly opening to a state of freedom as you seek to balance all that will assist you in accessing the best combination of everything that represents the truth of who you are. Naturally, the voice of trepidation can compromise this balance. Even so, you have awakened to the perfect immunization from fear's influence as you continue to remember that your own inner light is the love lamp that will shine away your anxious imagination.

Let your light shine, baby!




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Excerpt from page 199-200 of my book, “Happily Ever After Right Now… Stop Searching! Start Celebrating!


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