Letting Go of the Old, Inviting the New

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Let go of the old so you can completely take h... Let go of the old so you can completely take hold of the new. -Joyce Meyers (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)[/caption]

Is it possible that the archetype of need has been conditioned and etched into the trenches of our consciousness from the start of our existence? Even though we live in the twenty-first century, we are still influenced by our primal origins. Renowned Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (Stevens, 1982) was a powerful pathfinder with his careful examination of the mazes of stories that appear to run our lives. He delved into meaning and symbols and explored how these are conveyed both individually and collectively through tales that weave themselves into the collective psyche and become lodged as cultural norms, producing dictums for our shared model of reality.

Jung believed that human nature is strongly influenced by stories and myths that, when sufficiently interesting to large groups of people, become patterned into the shared human psyche. He described theses patterns as archetypes, or mental images, endowed with universal intelligence. These energetically imprinted ideas are etched into our individual and collective consciousness and definitely have an impact on our day-to-day lives. They begin in the deepest archives of our ancestry and continue to unfold as we gather stories and ideas about who we think we are and what it is that we believe we are supposed to be doing while traveling this adventuresome journey together on planet earth. When a story is repeatedly shared and believed, it gathers momentum and eventually becomes a powerful force in driving our behaviors (more on that in the prologue of the book “Happily Ever After”). One myth that has endured since the time of the Brute and the Babe is this: A woman should spend her time seeking and finding the perfect Prince Charming to protect and take care of her. When (and only when) she does, and succeeds according to those rules, everything will be okay.

Is it possible that, despite our advances over time, the predominant female prototype is based on insufficiency and dependency — on women needing to partner in order to survive? If so, no wonder we are traveling in unknown territory when we attempt to individuate from these outdated thought forms. This is what we are up against: powerful ancient beliefs that lurk in the shadows of our minds, like trolls or monsters. They are as dangerous as any wicked witch, cruel stepmother, or disgruntled fairy. It’s time to diminish their hold over us and invite new and more powerful ideas to inspire and guide us.




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