How To Really Be Free

Feb 20, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Recently I have had some experiences that have challenged my sense of freedom and peace. This all began a couple of weeks ago with a sidewalk rage incident…not road rage…sidewalk rage. I was merely walking along enjoying the day when a runner approached unexpectedly. I immediately noticed that she a strong resemblance to Madonna, and just as I glanced up to greet her, she proudly extended her middle finger upward without breaking her stride. Seconds earlier, I had been blissfully sauntering the streets enjoying a beautiful day. Clearly, we were in different worlds. She was concerned about interrupting her runner’s rhythm and I in my slow-paced-state-of-pleasure, was just enjoying the moment.

I was more than a little jarred by the incident and reacted. “Get over it,” I replied in what I proudly conveyed as my power voice (not bothering to notice the self-righteous tone). She then, predictably, repeated the gesture-now from the other direction. Turning around would have meant another break in the precious cadence of her coveted work out.

This incident seemed to trigger a series of similar situations for me over the past few weeks, many of which provoked comparable sanctimonious responses. These were not always verbalized but nonetheless felt or delivered with the same sort of “get over it” kind of attitude. I wanted people to “get it.” I wanted them to take responsibility for their actions, words, and deeds. I wanted them to see how wrong they were and the damage they were causing.

Fortunately, I was graced with a glorious "aha" moment that came upon me nearly as fast as the Madonna clone appeared. I finally woke up and remembered (for the zillionth time) that regardless of the situation, everything is a reminder to take personal responsibility. How can I make the changes in myself that I want to see in others? And of course…I always have a choice of where to be, what to repeat, what to let go of, who to be with, who to set free, who to love intimately, who to love from a distance, and how to respond to a surprise attack (like the “Madonna syndrome” described above). Ultimately, we do know what to do, what people to be around, how to think, act and speak, and how to really be FREE.

If we keep projecting blame on other people, situations, circumstances and events, we simply cannot experience freedom. Why? Because we’re giving our power away to the external world over which we have no control. If we would only listen to our own internal advice, we will always be guided to truth and freedom. No exceptions.

Why not listen to the inner messenger? The same one that Gandhi and other great avatars and leaders followed. Look at what happened when they did.

Go ahead… be the change you want to see in the world and teach me and others how to do it. Don’t forget to tell us about it.

You are utterly amazing. Go make it happen!