Envision and Create Your Dreams!

What would you be doing this year if you could be living a life without any limitations?

Where would you go if you could travel any place in the world, all expenses paid?

Who would be your companion/s on the journey?

If you could have the job of your dreams (or I prefer to call it “creative expression”) what would that look like?

Where would you live if you could inhabit any place on the planet?

How would you design your ideal home?

What is your idea of the perfect relationship?

What is your ultimate best weight, fitness level, and state of health and well being?

If you could devote a full year to enhancing your spiritual life, how would you create, deepen, and continue the journey?

If you could take a year off to study, and strengthen your level of wisdom and knowledge, what would be your area/s of focus?

How much money will it take for you to experience financial freedom?

If you had all of the time and resources you could ever imagine, what enterprises or organizations would you create or support to expand your philosophies and ideals?

Dream a little…believe that these dreams are possible and that you can access all of the people, places, situations, circumstances and events to assist you in bringing your dreams to fruition. Now, trust that you are worth it and continue building your “above neutral” attitude, which is the key to seeing whatever you would like to create, pop into your reality.

I am currently working on a new informational product in which I am integrating my years of study, research, assisting clients, as well as personal development into a user-friendly, practical guide that will assist you in habituating this “above neutral” state. And as you continue to develop your practices, not only will you stay above neutral, you will soar into states of happiness and well-being!

We will keep you apprised of the status of this material in the weeks to come. And, the gems will continue building on these discussions.

Meanwhile, keep dreaming. Keep visualizing. Keep believing.

All of your dreams are coming true. Trust.