Heaven Here Now

Jan 23, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Today, I was invited to a discussion on the topic of Heaven and found the dialogue to be thought provoking. The focus of the talk appeared to be centered on what to do here in this realm, fraught with difficulty, despair and considerable challenge, in order to get there, presumably another realm, seen as a far better and more desirable place to be. And, of course, the primary purpose in such a paradigm is to concentrate on preparing for the next stop, which can only be accessed after physical death.

While the belief that Heaven is the reward if we just keep plugging away at “being good” is encouraging, such thinking definitely takes us out of the moment. And if we are constantly focusing on later, we aren’t really able to concentrate on the Heaven that might be possible, here, now.

Granted, it’s nice to think about a place that we can eventually go where there is no grief, pain or loss… a place where we are fully energized and free… a place where love prevails and there is no sorrow or suffering…a place where there is an abundance of resources to provide for our well being… a place where we don’t have to worry about where the next meal will come from so that we can focus on our inspirations and passions, a place where…you fill in the blank here.

So what would have to happen to experience a little bit of that Heaven in our world, right here, right now? What could we offer to ourselves and each other in order to concentrate on love instead of loss; joy instead of sorrow; peace instead of pain?

Join me today in bringing a little bit of Heaven into your life and the life of everyone you touch. Let us concentrate on our blessings instead of our grievances. Let us call to mind all of the people we love and send them gratitude for showing up for us. And then, let us remember to have compassion for our perceived enemies as they have taught us well about how we want to behave and be remembered when we do leave this world and go onto the next…whatever that may look like.

Have some of your Heaven right now. Don’t wait. You are utterly, incredibly, remarkable. Celebrate!

Radiant blessings and peace be upon you… now and always.