Have Patience - It Will Benefit You

Ever had a problem exercising patience?

I am reminded of a poem someone once sent me about the budding of a rose and how it could not be forced to blossom for obvious reasons. Last week, I bought a bunch of Star Gazer Lilies, which were just beginning to open. Each day I have seen just a little more color than the last. Today some of the lilies have burst open, exposing their radiance. Naturally, this process has taken time, patience, and some nurturing.

I wonder, what is it that keeps the lilies from getting frustrated in being all tightened up, unable to release themselves from their temporary bondage? How ever can they be so calm just sitting there waiting for everything to happen without doing a bloody thing? And then, what on earth do they have to look forward to but to crinkle up and croak? I mean really, when you stop to think about it, isn’t the life of a lily sort of grim?

Ah, but maybe we have something to learn from the lily. Maybe it doesn’t see its lot as being grim at all. Maybe it just accepts the life cycle as a gift that is unfolding moment to moment without having any expectations for the future or regrets about the past. Maybe it doesn’t have any assumptions about when it will be in full bloom, how that will occur, or even if it will occur at all. Maybe it is simply content just sitting there, allowing the Life Force to merge with it in It’s own natural, rhythmic timing.

The lily isn’t worried about becoming a bud, opening into a flower or dying on the vine. It is just being a lily. It knows on all levels that this Life Force will never abandon, forsake, or turn its back, because it is intimately connected to the lily. The two cannot be separated. And so, no worrying, no efforting, no pressuring. Just allowing the Life Force to do what it does, and before you now it the lily is magically transformed into a vibrant, dazzling STAR GAZER.

Both of us (you and I) can allow this Life Force to dance us into our own divine destinies… just like the Star Gazer. Only there is one distinct and notable difference. You and I are not destined just to gaze at the stars. We are meant to become one.

Providence is on your side. Go ahead. Allow the Life Force to bloom, blossom, and shine you into your full and most optimal brilliance.

And, don’t forget to tell us all about it!

Way to go!