Have a Little Tenderness

If you choose to have a little tenderness toward yourself, or self-love, it can be the Launch Pad to happiness in life and in love.



The journey of loving and being loved requires making a lifelong commitment to self-love and self-respect. Admit to yourself that you have made mistakes, celebrate your willingness to learn from these errors, and honor your desire to discover and develop your dreams. Be as tender, patient, compassionate, and kind to yourself as you would be to an aging, beloved elder or a tiny, helpless newborn. Learn to love who you are without exceptions. Regard your mistakes as opportunities (I know it sounds cliched, but it really is the only decent way to live). Remember that you have strength and stamina. Don't allow the pitfalls to throw you off the path. Avoid putting too much emphasis on perceived shortcomings or attributes. If you wallow in either one too long, you will miss the guideposts that have the potential to broaden your exploration. Above all, have a grateful heart for every single event, person, place, or circumstance that has brought you to this very moment.




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