Happiness, The Brain & Consciousness

Sep 26, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings and welcome to our discussion on Happiness, the Brain, and Consciousness.

Our Happily team has been focusing on the development of Conscious Conversation Circles™ www.cccircles.com over the past several months. These circles are gatherings of people who come together on a regular basis for the purpose of sharing their individual and combined wisdom to support conscious living - which includes manifesting lives of happiness, health, prosperity, and peace.

Included among the many gifts of these gatherings has been a connection with Julia Desmond, who has been sharing the “Oneness Blessing (deeksha)” with our Aspen circle, as well as providing it to groups of her own. Julia has been through the 21 day process that enables her to transfer this intelligent energy, which causes a neuro-biological shift in the recipient's brain. This shift helps to balance the brain hemispheres and to initiate the process of higher development or enlightenment. Sri Bhagavan of India is the avatar and "technician" who discovered the amazing benefits of this powerful energy and has found a method to help others in becoming receptors so they can pass it along.

Bear with me. This is where it gets technical, but believe me, it is worth your attention: The amazing neuro-biological phenomenon which transpires when Deeksha is given is an increase of the function of the frontal lobes (where all of the happiness chemicals reside), and a decrease in the activity of the parietal lobes (emotional centers), where human beings are currently overactive. The emphasis in the parietal lobes has caused us to feel separate, insufficient, anxious, depressed, and fearful—feelings that are linked to the ancient past of all humans (the reptilian brain) where survival was the only focus. And, the ancient brain is over four billion years old—hence it’s powerful influence.

“In short, any impulse we have originates in the reptilian brain,” says Dr. Henry Lodge, famed author of Younger Next Year. “And, you cannot get from the physical brain (reptilian) to the neo cortex (frontal lobes) without traveling through the limbic system (emotional centers/parietal lobes). “Therefore,” Lodge states, “Every behavior is connected to our emotions. And, the less aware you are of this reality, the more likely you will suffer. What we do with our emotions is always directly related to our level of consciousness.”

“In the 1950’s neuroscientists discovered that the activation of the septum pellucidum can instantly heal chronic pain, depression and anxiety; provide a sense of peace, and above all, impart feelings of joy. However, due to the neurological over-activity in the parietal lobes and the resulting lack of neurological energy for the rest of the brain, the septum pellucidum (the brain’s reward center) of almost everyone is chronically under-active. What the Oneness Blessing appears to do is to regenerate this reward center (Sears and Windrider, 2006).”

In a nutshell, the changes in the brain, which occur through the transfer of Deeksha, are measurable and scientific. Entire villages in India have been transformed as a result of this amazing phenomenon (Awakening to Oneness, Arjuna Ardagh). The efficacy of transferred energy frequencies through interventions such as acupuncture, biofeedback, Reiki, reflexology, and more, are widely known and empirically proven. Deeksha's "Oneness Blessing" is another form of transferred energy, and it is used specifically to benefit the brain, helping to support us in experiencing higher development or enlightenment.

As a result of my own profound experiences after regularly receiving this "blessing" since March of this year, I am enrolled in the 21 day process at the Oneness University campus in India (a non-denominational course), where initiates are guided through a rigorous and disciplined program, which when completed, enables them to be practitioners and facilitators of Deeksha. I leave for the campus this week. Please visit the website and learn more about this amazing phenomenon (www.onenessuniversity.com). Also, I highly recommend Arjuna Ardagh’s interviews with Bhagavan and Amma (available on the website), founders of the Oneness University, as well as the book, mentioned above.

More to come in November. Until then, blessings to all!