Giving & Abundance

It is late. I just reached my second travel destination in a week. Upon my arrival, I received an email from my son, with whom I just spent my birthday and Mother’s Day. He has been recovering from surgery and below, writes some amazing words of wisdom, which I wanted to share with all of you, related to what abundance really is.

“What I was able to experience for myself with you being here was the essence of love and giving. I had many ideas in my head about what I wanted to give you for your b-day and Mother's Day. And I have to admit that it was very challenging for me not being able to move about physically and therefore unable to offer what I really had wanted to.

Being unable to extract my ideal amount of money from the ATM or bank, and also not being able to physically move, I felt imprisoned. And that reminded me that life can feel like imprisonment on so many levels, especially when we are attached to an “idea” about how we think things need to be (as in getting you a present for your birthday or Mother’s Day). I am reminded of something Gene (Bua, Acting Coach) said about nine months ago:

“You've got it all wrong. You think that being abundant means that you have to perform or do something to attain or offer the abundance. In truth, when you amp up your energy internally and give from the inside—you are already BEING the abundance you are trying to give or receive. There are so many "ideas" regarding what abundance looks like. But to me true abundance is just allowing the essence of who I am to be expressed and given, and then receiving back (without expectation) someone or something else’s expression. The moment I start to think of ‘shoulds’ or ‘how to’s’ I have gone into lack. Abundance doesn't have to look like doing something.

Limitation and exhaustion come from acting on our idea(s) that we feel we need to perform. Whereas if we can just relax a little, we can allow the abundance to come through us—through our own beings.

I experienced abundance in having you here to help me through this challenging time—that was true abundance…

Love, Stephen”

Yes, and thanks to Stephen, I had one of the most meaningful Mother’s Day/Birthday weekends ever. It was all about heart, and that is the most treasured gift.

To all of those who are healing and recovering (which pretty much includes the entire planet), radiant health and joy be upon you!