Operating From a Foundation of Power

Aug 25, 2012 by Luann Robinson Hull
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In the primal sense, which is still alive and well, man is all about the hunt and the chase. And woman is all about being saved. If her fears take her over the edge and cause her to do the hunting, the subject of her chase will most likely choose to retreat. Instinctively, he does not want to be caught, or to be responsible for saving anything. He wants to be free, and actually, so does she. By reverting to primitive methods for attaining that freedom, the idea of insufficiency, need, and dependency is re-enforced, perpetuating the drama of the Brute and Babe (our ancient ancestors).

It is time to end the pain/pleasure cycle that began centuries ago. By moving fully into our internal Power we will naturally invoke all that will open us to the grandest version of ourselves, where the need for comfort and security will eventually fall away. We must quit reinforcing the lingering, haunting messages from our prehistoric past. By refusing to give this ancient babble any authority over our lives, eventually these old, outdated thoughts and beliefs will disappear and we will be free to move forward into our most expanded and unlimited potential. At the moment, many of us are only using a very limited amount of this vast reservoir of possibilities. 

When you are fully operating from a foundation of Power, you are not concerned with chasing or hunting anything. You have a fundamental sense of abundance instead of insufficiency. You have developed an inner awareness that automatically kicks in to remind you that you are safe whenever feelings of fear emerge. You spend your time concentrating on what you can offer and create rather than what you can grab or get. Many of us have caught glimpses of this powerful state. You now have a choice to use all of the tools that will help you sustain that way of being for more than a fleeting moment. You want to create a life that will support your peace, happiness, and well-being, so that you don't have to go looking for it anymore. It can be done.

The above excerpt is from my book, Happily Ever After Right Now... Stop Searching! Start Celebrating! and is taken from chapter 5: Power: Give Up Your Addiction to Love.

"Addiction is the number one problem of our civilization. Without it, our human potential is limitless." -- Deepak Chopra (personal communication, June, 1998)

I believe in you! You are on your way to realizing true inner peace, just by recognizing those destructive, fear-based patterns of behavior. By simply not giving them any power when they emerge (as in being triggered), eventually they will fall away. I'm looking forward to hearing about your success!

Love, Luann

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