Finding Gratitude

Sep 29, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings and welcome to our dialogue on peace.

Last week we talked about the inner wars…or the internal conflict in which we can be tempted to engage when we go against ourselves. We were invited to take a look at how we could stand back and watch those little wars within, rather than participate in them, and then notice how we might be able to bring in more harmonious thoughts, eventually moving back to peace.

One way to shift from what is going wrong (in your mind), to what is going right, is to find a way to have gratitude for something in your life. You could start with being grateful for your ability to see the words or images on this page. Next, you might look outside and be grateful that you can see the sky…even if it’s dark, and so on. It doesn’t matter. Just find something to be grateful for that you really genuinely appreciate. Now, notice if you feel differently and see which state of mind you prefer...the one when you were feeling badly about yourself, or the one when you were feeling grateful for some blessing in your life?

It would appear at times that the world is often focused on fighting against something. (In some ways just a larger version of what it’s like when we go against ourselves). There is a war on drugs, terrorism, cancer, other nations and more. With so much hype about what to go against, it is often difficult to shift our thinking into what we are for.

What would happen if we collectively focused our time and attention on how to live happy, vibrant lives, respecting diversity, embracing harmony by setting healthy boundaries on what we will and will not tolerate, and healing ourselves from dis-ease by concentrating on what works to create well being across all areas of our lives? Some might see this as a radically, idealistic view. Perhaps it is. And, I offer it as food for thought.

If you are willing, practice, this week, anytime you here the word “war” or “against” or “fight” by responding with a peaceful, inner thought. Go to what you are grateful for instead of what you want to fight or be against. Then, find a simple way to share your gratitude with another.

You are making a difference. You are amazing. Thank you for showing up and being you.

Radiant blessings and peace.