Expecting Great Things

Several weeks ago, we talked about how our current brains were actually forming during a time of catastrophic conditions on planet earth. And so therefore, we humans have actually been trained for the catastrophe. Scanning for the worst is what has kept us from becoming extinct, and so that method of operating was quite effective during times of immense hardship and crude circumstances.

Now, ironically, the only thing that threatens our extinction is continuing to behave this way. If we keep looking for the worst case scenario and living as though we are separate from our brothers and sisters, as well as the earth that continues to support us, then aren’t we operating out of our fear for survival just like our ancestors? It would appear that this model no longer supports us as at our current level of development. And, think about this for a moment. If our technological advances continue to progress at the present rate and the momentum for personal and collective growth in the area of virtuous character does not match this technology, isn’t it possible that we could actually annihilate ourselves? Scary thought, eh? It doesn’t have to happen.

And so what to do? We know that all change begins from an organic level. Yes it can seem otherwise in many cases, but even revolutions, tornadoes, peace movements, and haircut trends, start small. Little seeds can grow into massive plants and trees, when properly cared for, fed, and nourished, but they all begin from a tiny catalyst.

If you will, stop what you are doing for a moment and think of a child, preferably one you know and love. Doesn’t s/he deserve to grow up on a loving, peaceful planet? Then isn’t it up to us to plant the seeds of love, compassion, patience, kindness, connection and consciousness so that we can contribute to this possibility?

All miracles start with you. You are sublimely special. Share your glory with the world. Expect great things from this glory of yours and keep passing it on.

You are making a difference…tell us about it!

Radiant joy, peace and love be with us all.