Creating Peace

Sep 21, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
Greetings and welcome to our ongoing conversation on peace.

Perhaps we would all agree that the opposite of peace is war. And so how is it that wars begin? What is really the root cause of hostilities and fighting? Is there anything that we ourselves can do, right now, to help put an end to unnecessary conflict…forever? Perhaps such an idea appears to be a lofty goal, and yet, it would probably amaze us to realize how much our own thoughts can influence peacefulness in the world.

If you are inclined, take a moment to reflect over the past twenty-four hours. Have you experienced any internal conflict, self-doubt, or feelings of shame or personal skepticism? What are your victories and successes? At what moments did you feel the most peaceful and serene? What were you doing at those times?

This evening I missed an important meeting because of my error in making note of the correct time. When I did arrive, I was exactly one hour late. To my horror, once I entered the gathering, I immediately realized my mistake, and an inner conflict began. “How could you?” “This is so completely disrespectful!” Why didn’t you pay more attention?” I muttered to myself. And so what is this in-house discussion really about? Why am I so quick to judge and so reluctant to praise myself in times of victory and success?

Based on this recent experience, I have decided to devote myself this week to an attempt at watching those little wars in myself when they arise, rather than being persuaded by them. No, I am not an awful person because I was late to a meeting. Yes, I made a mistake, and I took responsibility for the error. Through it all, I did mean well. Maybe if I can give myself a break, then I can be more peaceful, less predisposed to the inner war, and more inclined to harmonious thoughts. And in so doing, I will probably be in a much better position to share that state of being with all, whose lives I touch, regardless of whether it is the clerk at City Market, my best friend, or even my least favorite person. What matters, is that I have an intention to offer peace to the world…starting with myself.

Radiant blessings and love be with you,