Conscious Conversations to Habituate Happiness

I had the privilege yesterday of hearing an inspirational message given by Dr. Michael Beckwith, whose recent contributions to the DVD, THE SECRET, have been sweeping the world. Many of you have seen THE SECRET and are becoming acquainted with the simple, profound ideas of some amazing teachers, both past and present, which have been brought together by Rhonda Byrne, the now famed producer of this remarkable documentary.

Yesterday, Dr. Beckwith talked about the importance of attitude and perceptions, indicating that no matter what has happened in your life you have the ability to alter your point of view to such a degree that you can extract a positive outcome…regardless of the circumstance/s. And when you decide to make optimism your frame of reference, you will begin to attract positive circumstances, people, places and events, more and more into your life. This is what the SECRET is all about…habituating happiness to such a degree that we expect to be happy…no matter what. Go to the website for more information and catch Dr. Beckwith ( and others from the SECRET team on Oprah this week. You will be certain to catch Rhonda Byrne in the future. She was featured on CNN last evening and Oprah last week.

If you are ready to start your own version of conscious conversations to habituate happiness contact our team to help facilitate your process. The happily group will help you start your circles of support. We can all be strengthened by coming together to dialogue, share, and care about one another.

Ready for transformation? Yeah… that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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Radiant blessings, love, and JOY!