Conscious Conversations

We recently completed our third gathering of Conscious Conversations™ in Aspen , Colorado and I am delighted to report that the groups are sprouting in other areas and gaining momentum. What are they: Gatherings of people who meet regularly to support each other in conscious living both practically and philosophically. The Goal: to combine our strengths in achieving an optimal state of personal and collective growth.

The discussions continue to be both thought provoking and inspiring. Among some of the topics mentioned in last week’s Aspen group was a dialogue on how to really make progress with some of the sobering issues currently facing us both individually and globally. The following interpretation of Thomas Hartman's message in The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, was discussed: “If you don’t raise consciousness by listening to what the avatars through the ages have repeatedly told you, will annihilate yourselves at your current rate of technological advance. And so consciousness should be your primary goal. Quit being so narrow with your positions and righteousness on this or that. Instead find ways to come together for the common good of all.” (Although purely fictitious, the latest version of the movie, Live Free or Die Hard, is a scary reminder of the potential for what people, who live strictly from survival in the absence of heart, could be capable of doing.)

And so, Conscious Conversations™ is a response to the invitation to raise consciousness. Everyone from all backgrounds, professions, and different belief systems, who shares the common goal of conscious living, is welcome. Together, we can celebrate diversity, while honoring our common humanity. We are each and every one affected by the possibility of global warming, wars, gluttony, famine, opulence, poverty, health, and sickness. And I agree with David Hawkins, renowned authority on the evolution of human consciousness who says, “We can move from homo sapiens to home spiritus. Every time we choose to act consciously, we raise the vast ocean of consciousness an inch, contributing to that possibility.” Let us continue to join together in creating a new renaissance of peace, prosperity, joy, and love for all.

We look forward to hearing from you!