Conscious Conversations

May 01, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
Seven years ago this fall I had the rare and unusual privilege of taking a course entitled The Re-Invention of Work from Margaret Wheatley, Ph.D and world renowned Leadership and Organizational Development expert. During the class we were taught to think “outside of the box” exploring new insights, and possibilities for our respective careers with the following in mind: “[Challenges] that seem impossible to [resolve] with one paradigm may be easily solved with a different one."

One of her parting statements to us was, “Have as many conversations as you possibly can about what matters to you. Do this in circles—then connect the circles. And oh, one more thing—if it doesn’t feel a bit strange, you definitely aren’t doing it.” This is how I translated her challenge to us: “Be willing to stick your neck out for what you believe in, avoid being influenced by the judgment of others, listen to those who oppose you, they may have something really valuable to say, be impeccable with your integrity, and have compassion for all—starting with yourself.”

Since my time with Wheatley, I have had many conversations, both in groups and otherwise. Often these discussions have been inspirational while other times more challenging. Nonetheless, through each one regardless of the perceived outcome, I have come to realize that when we offer our love, support, and care with compassion, integrity and truth the seed is planted for positive change. It cannot be otherwise.

And so, it is with great delight that I announce the formal launching of Conscious Conversations in Wichita , Kansas , which I am honored to initiate with my dear friends and colleagues, Revs Jan Nutter, and Brent Sprunger. As per Meg Wheatley’s wise instruction, we will meet in a circle, where every person can feel equally valued and honored. The purpose of these discussions will be to explore and share ways to open our personal and collective consciousness, removing any and all interruptions to growth, making way for unlimited opportunity and expansion. As we share in this collective renaissance, we will create a new paradigm of blessing, peace, prosperity, love and joy, based on the principles of conscious awareness for all.

Conscious Conversations will also soon be launched in Aspen , Colorado , and Los Angeles , California . Stay tuned for a Conscious Conversation circle in your area, or create one and don’t forget to invite the Happily team!

Please join us in Wichita , either in spirit or otherwise. We know you have something significant to contribute and receive! Together, we will change the world, one word, one conversation at a time. Meanwhile, be sure to send us your effective ideas on communication, compassion, patience, and love. Cannot wait to here from you! Click Here to sign up for the event.

Loving you!