Coming To Peace

Jul 27, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull
During the past few weeks, we have been taking a deeper look at the condition of happiness, and how we can come to experience that state of being in more regular doses…eventually, all of the time… no matter what. We have used the advice of some wise teachers, who tell us that much of what causes our misery is directly related to our perception in any given situation. And, that in order to avoid suffering, we have to keep digging for the truth. What is really going on here? (It’s possible that we can be carried away by either bliss, or disaster. Our minds are subject to massive error depending on a multitude of factors, starting with our emotional state and how that interfaces with what is happening.)

“…When a situation is dedicated to the truth, peace is inevitable.”—A Course in Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace, 1985).

Yesterday morning, upon approaching my car to run a quick errand, I noticed that the back left side of the vehicle had been swiped. I was immediately disturbed and could instantly feel the effects of the upset rippling through my body. Upon turning to my left, I noticed that there were parts of my vehicle “decorating” the tenant’s car, parked in the stall next to mine. I felt like a fire cracker about ready to go off. “Why didn’t they notify me?” “Who do they think they are?” “Did they really believe that I just wasn’t going to notice?”

Two things were happening in those intense moments:
  1. I was not at peace.
  2. I needed to experience peace (regardless of what had happened) before I could resolve the situation.
And so I attempted to practice all of what I have been learning right along with you in order to access that peaceful place that we know is always there. (It took a while…) When I eventually had enough composure to knock on my neighbor’s door, I proceeded with some trepidation, while contemplating what might ensue from the encounter. Although I was tempted to rehearse my lines, instead, I just kept intending that an honest, peaceful outcome would result for all (when I could…that was…some of the time, I was still out of sorts…). What followed was predictable (these people had, in fact, chosen the “silence is golden” following the “scrape and go” incident …and so the chances of them fessing up were unlikely.) Nonetheless, I persisted. As I kept standing in my power, I was able to stay with the current of the mighty Innner Force that was guiding me to truth. Things began to magically shift. Mr. Neighbor Dude actually started to soften and drop his denial (or whatever it was). Whoa... What had begun as a diabolical plot to schmooze me into thinking that the scrapes and scratches on my car had somehow been caused by the phantom parking lot grinch, this guy actually almost took responsibility.

Nonetheless, that was not the point. The point was, that I had persisted in holding my power by going for what was true…not just the facts…but what was really true here. And in pursuit of this truth, I had held my composure, avoiding righteousness and blame, attempting to dig into the heart and soul of the matter, which ultimately revealed that sacred truth. Now…make no mistake. The final outcome of that encounter occurred not because I was doing anything…but because I had made a decision to move my little, mad, temper-tantrum-self aside, allowing the true Master of Awareness to come forward and resolve the situation for me. Of course, such a strategy works every single exceptions. All I have to do is to remember…

My lesson:
    Do whatever you need to do to get to the sacred truth (of course, avoiding righteousness, while standing in your power, integrity, love and compassion for all involved). Such a philosophy is the foundation for peace and ultimate happiness……always… in all ways.
Truth and peace be with you…now and forevermore.