Being Right Here

Sep 01, 2006 by Luann Robinson Hull

Last week we visited Rumi’s beautiful poem, The Guest House (for review, click here). What he seems to be saying is “welcome all guests (feelings, situations, etc.)” who come to your house (or to you), regardless of how you may perceive them to be at the time.

When we find ourselves unhappy with certain circumstances in our lives and feel that we would rather be “over there” than “right here,” it may be useful to examine what it is we think we would gain by changing places.

Maybe you would like more money, a different job, an improved relationship (or a new one). Perhaps you want to be younger, slimmer, or healthier…all reasonable desires. Good. There is nothing wrong with having a wish list.

However, what if your aspirations were coming from a slightly different perspective? What if you could find some satisfaction (however small) in your current situation, no matter how much you desire improvement? What if you actually felt gratitude (in whatever doses you can handle) for your present circumstances? For some of us, that could be a stretch. For others, it can seem natural.

Whatever the case…see if there is at least a part of you that can find contentment in what is going on right now, and then notice how even the most subtle appreciation shifts you into a different feeling. That feeling will assist you in cultivating the attitude that is going to help you remember this: When you want something, the entire Universe is conspiring to help you have it…right now. As you shift from resistance to acceptance, to gratitude, miracles can happen. Watch.

Peace and blessings be with you…now and always!

Love, Luann