Attracting What You Want By Being Who You Are

May 29, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
The town in which I am currently a resident will soon be having a mayoral election. Of course, the ideal circumstance for any such “race” is to be able to select from a group of people, who have integrity, character, and a desire to serve for the highest good of all. And, this being the case wouldn’t choosing a candidate simply be a matter of selecting the one with the values that most represent and resonate with your own?

An advertisement in the local paper today regarding the upcoming election caught my attention. It appeared that the mayoral candidate, who had placed the ad was attempting to attract votes by demonstrating his character, accomplishments, and how because of his experience and achievements, he has earned the right to “represent” the best interests of the people. In short, the ad states that he has “lived our life.” It may be interesting to note that there was no mention whatsoever about this person’s ideals, values, or beliefs.

Here is a direct quote from the article: “I represent you from ski bum, to working numerous jobs to make ends meet, to single Dad raising 2 kids (1 handicapped)…”

Hmmm. Wonder how the “handicapped” child feels about being identified the way in which s/he was here—in parenthesis?

What would happen if people (including candidates) just lived consciously, with right words, actions, and deeds? If this were the situation would it really be necessary to take out a half page advertisement in an attempt to prove how good and worthy s/he is?

Wonder what King Solomon, Abe Lincoln, Gandhi, or our forefathers who authored the Constitution would have to say on the subject of campaigning and all of the billions of dollars we currently spend on our crusades to get elected? Do you think they would be proud of this behavior? Would they support us in continuing it?

Is it possible to have what you want (including being elected to public office) by just simply being who you are, living in conscious awareness—making all of your decisions based on right action, word, and deed—and then from that foundation, following your passions, believing that you can and will attract whatever it is you need to assist you in bringing these inspirations into form?

Each and every single one of us has something significant to contribute whether we are mayor, mother, or President of the United States . Find and follow your bliss, and I predict that if you do, when you take out your full page ad in the local newspaper you will be talking about what inspires you. Any thought of trying to convince others on how good you are because you have been a single parent, would not be even of the remotest interest to you.

Every one of us is connected in some form or another. Even the candidates who oppose each other, as well as those of us who may not really resonate with any of those seeking election—from the local to national level. But regardless of whether we can agree or not, we have each contributed somehow to the state of the world as it is right now—from micro, to macro, to cosmic. So, let us take responsibility for our part, which in my view, is to find, explore, examine, and polish what we came here to share, and then present our creativity to the world in whatever imaginative ways we are gifted to offer.

You are making a difference. Keep discovering and don’t forget to tell us about it!

(P.S. Feel free to let the Happily team know when you are running for public office…J)

Believing in you…