As Without, So Within

Step 3 of our series called New Year, New View, New Perspective is "Remember: As Without, So Within."

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Let's get right to it, shall we?

Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1964) introduced the idea of "active imagination" in dream interpretation. His exercises consist of listing each person who shows up in a dream. Who is visiting and what message do they bring me? Is there any part of me that is trying to get my attention here through them? Could they all be representing some aspect of me?

Use this technique with your significant other. If you wish your partner would tell you he/she loves you, assume you need to tell yourself more often. If you want them to call more frequently, ask how you're not tuning in to your own calling. If you want them to be more successful, make sure you are focusing on your goals. If you have a complaint, what's the main complaint about the man or woman in your life (or about not having a man or woman) right now? Be brave. Generalize it and apply it to yourself.


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Excerpt taken from page 119 of my book, “Happily Ever After… Right Now”

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