Are You Longing for a Prince?

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"Every woman knows the longing that seems to keep happiness just out of reach. It flutters like a butterfly at the periphery of our consciousness when we listen, as children, to fairy tales and family stories about meeting Prince Charming and living happily ever after. It's the subtle backbeat of our teen years that drives our aching desire to be asked to the homecoming dance or prom. Will I be popular or pretty enough to snag a date -- to be chosen by someone -- anyone?

We have scanned for the Prince since we were old enough to download some of the messages in the Cinderella story (my personal favorite). Who will meet my gaze as I come cascading down that magical aisle? Will he be able to fulfill my heart's desires? Will I measure up to his expectations? The longing whispers in the shadows of our soul as each guy shows up (is he the one?), and it screams in our faces on a dateless Saturday night when he hasn't called back. We have waited untold hours for the phone to ring, suffering ceaseless heartbreak when the deafening silence stubbornly persists."
Do you resonate with the above passage?  It was taken from "Happily Ever After... Right Now.  Stop Searching, Start Celebrating." chapter one: Entitlement: Let Go of the Longing for the Prince.  Further into the chapter, I begin to touch on just how to do that.  But think about it.  Think about how so much of our thinking and expectations reside around the notion that although we truly do deserve the best, that "best" will only come in the form of a Prince who will rescue and save us.

What have you done to counter that pervading thought: 'Living Happily Ever After requires Prince Charming'? What can we all do to rise above this notion?  Let's stop searching and start celebrating now.  What is one thing you can practice, one pattern you can let go of, or just one thought you can meditate on to begin to experience true happiness right now... in this very moment?

Looking forward to discussing this with you.




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