Amazing Grace & Loving To The Core

Mar 27, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
I recently attended a Judy Collins concert and was completely inspired by her beauty, loving presence, and amazing grace. She was so totally herself—age, talent, wisdom and all. At one point she forgot a verse or two, and instead of making a fuss, she went right on as if it was supposed to be that way. Of course, the song seemed somehow better because of her ease and comfort with imperfection. She was so completely self-accepting and loving to the core—a beautiful example indeed of Amazing Grace, her final piece, sung unaccompanied. With hair like spun silk and a voice that resembled a harp, she seemed like an angel in our midst. And it was certainly grace that gifted me the experience of being in her presence that memorable night.

Amazing Grace… how sweet the sound.

What I am continually discovering is that in order to really notice the grace that touches my life in countless ways every day, I have to be looking. And from my perspective, the best way to see is from a place of loving to the core. For me this loving starts in my own tender heart. Loving that I woke up early this morning and went into a mind spin of worry, even if I have spent almost half of my life learning how not to do that. And then loving that I ate a croissant for breakfast instead of grains and fruit (obviously this was a comfort move). Loving that I finished off the empty calorie spree tonight with a bagel, butter and cookies at dinner-time (yummy). Loving that I feel vulnerable at times and don’t know what to do about it, even though my life’s passion is to facilitate support and healing in others as they move through their vulnerabilities and fears. Loving that I write to you each week from my heart, knowing that I may reach some of you and others won’t feel as connected.

And then, loving that even after this less than perfect day, amazing grace happened for the seven trillionth time in my life. It is spring in Colorado and tonight at sunset I witnessed the most spectacular array of pink clouds, replete with a rosy violet sky for background. Naturally, while observing this splendid sight there was nothing else to do but feel tremendous gratitude for the grace that brought it all to my vision at just the right moment.

Continue to enjoy your own unlimited versions of amazing grace. How richly you deserve each and every one! And while you’re at it, keep on loving to the core, starting with you.