All Your Past Except Its Beauty is Gone

Apr 24, 2007 by Luann Robinson Hull
An area of ongoing challenge for me is avoiding the trap of being hung up on the past—things I have done, mistakes I have made—the why-oh why-did-I-do-that routine. Even though I have been on a spiritual path for more years than I can remember, I still occasionally get stuck in the dead-end-shame-game. Why didn’t I pay attention? Why didn’t I stop? Why didn’t I go?

I was recently going through some old files and came across this quote from the Course in Miracles, which for those of you who may not be familiar with the text, has been described as a course in mind training, the foundation for which is embracing love and letting go of fear. I have been studying the work for almost twenty years and every time I go back to it, I find another miracle. Here is today’s:

“How can you who are so holy suffer? All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing. I have saved all your kindnesses and every loving thought you ever had. I have purified them of the errors that hid their light, and kept them for you in their own perfect radiance. They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. They came from the Holy Spirit within you, and we know what God creates is eternal. You can indeed depart in peace because I have loved you as I loved myself. You go with my blessing and for my blessing. Hold and share it, that it may always be ours. I place the peace of God in your heart and in your hands, to hold and share. The heart is pure to hold it, and the hands are strong to give it. We cannot lose. My judgment is as strong as the wisdom of God, in Whose Heart and Hands we have our being. His quiet children are His blessed Sons. The Thoughts of God are with you.”—A Course in Miracles (original text, pp.76, Foundation for Inner Peace, 1975)

As for who is speaking? That is for you to decide. But try not to think too much about it. Just enjoy feeling the message…

Loving you, beautiful ones!