A New Relationship Paradigm

In a relationship model where happiness (not to be confused with immediate gratification or pleasure) is the primary value, the Prince could be seen as a gift that Cinderella had not expected. Had he not shown up, she would have gone on to live her life contentedly. (Naturally, the same would be true for the Prince.) He was a partner with whom she could experience an even grander version of herself. Their combined love and devotion would provide a new opportunity for growth, individually as well as a couple. They would come to know that their relationship was just one of a multitude of choices for developing their personal and collective talents and treasures.

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Cinderella and Prince Charming would have a chance to open to more glorious versions of themselves moment to moment, both as individuals and as partners, by contributing to each other's strengths. "Happily ever after," however, is not guaranteed in this new version of the story, where freedom is the foundation of the relationship. In such a paradigm, happiness moment to moment (Happily Ever After... Right Now) is the key. Their love and growth would be a daily process of choice, compassion, truth, and free will, where they would be replicating the divine example "In loving you, I want your will for you (Walsch, 1995)." They might see themselves on a common journey toward growth and expansion on this moment, but later would belong to the mysterious unknown.

Most everyone resists the idea of being alone, which can trigger our primal fears related to abandonment. Yet if Prince Charming and Cinderella could sustain a degree of conscious awareness, they would know on some level that ultimate separation through death or dissolution would be inevitable. If Cinderella happened to be the one alone again, she would likely go through some periods of normal grief and bereavement. And yet, assuming she maintained her autonomy and individuation in the relationship, her transition into becoming "single" could actually be seamless. She doesn't have to create dramas or go into self-pity and blame, but instead can look upon all that has happened as a foundation for her ongoing growth and continued contributions to the world. As she moves through challenges and changes, she has the opportunity to be directed by new passions and inspirations to which she may have been awakened as a result of this recent experience. She can keep opening her heart and then melt into grander and more glorious ways of being, involving new projects and people. The possibilities are endless.




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Image Credit: http://www.soulconnectnow.com/new-love-paradigm/