Manifest What You Want by Being Aware and Paying Attention

By engaging in the art of being aware and paying attention to your thoughts and accompanying feelings, you’ll give your mind and your heart something else to do rather than go off on an emotional binge when you get triggered.  Instead of imploding, take a few breaths and step back from what happened. Scientific evidence now demonstrates that when you have a daily meditation practice, it will support you in creating the space to take that breath, and then focus on what you want (rather than what you don’t want)—from the really small things, too much more grand and glorious ‘stuff.’ By creating that space, you provide an opening to receive what you want to manifest.


My practice is “Centering Prayer,” during which you choose a one syllable word such as God, love, peace, etc. that will represent your intent to have a direct experience of the Divine. You simply sit for a period of time (20-25 minutes is ideal) and keep saying the word over and over again. Your mind will wander. You will look at the time to see when you’ll be finished. You then just come back to the word without judgment. There are a zillion meditation practices.  If you don’t have one, google “simple meditation practices” and try a few until you find one that resonates.


The following are a couple of simple examples of what can happen when you start your day coming into balance. Yesterday after my practice, I went to the grocery store, short on time, with an intent to quickly manifest running into the manager. I’d been craving a brand of yogurt that had been discontinued and had found it in a different city. I’d saved an empty container to use for reference (already this sounds like an ordeal). Before I got to the store, I pictured seeing either the manager or the assistant (both of whom are really efficient). I walked through the door, both were standing there to greet me, took the information from the empty container, and agreed to put in the order. This all happened in less than 60 seconds.


It’s bear season in the Rockies. They are everywhere looking for the 90 pounds of food they need to store up for hibernation. This morning, I did my practice during early yoga, before which I approached the studio to find trash and bear excrement all over the sidewalk. The teacher and I decided we’d address the mess after class though with a combined intention that some kind soul would beat us to the task. Guess what? S/he did. Isn’t that the best?


Now then, what I described above may seem like just a couple of silly coincidences and therefore—no big deal. Nonetheless, I have had lots of those coincidences over the course of time—including another really cool one today (not tellin’ about that one yet—stay tuned and maybe I’ll reveal a few more details in the coming weeks ☺).


The Universe is beaming synchronicities toward us every single nanosecond, making every attempt possible for us to notice those and receive them—for our most optimal behalf. All we have to do is look and receive.

As for those “direct experiences of God,” I have them often in the face of the angels at the grocery store (including John and Wendy—the manager and assistant), the unseen angels, who clean up the bear droppings, and internal messages I seem to receive out of the blue like, “Write something today with your “pen of light.” How do I know those messages/angels are a direct link from Source? When I feel totally uplifted, inspired, and there’s only love involvedno fear.

Believing in you!